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Wednesday, 13 February 2008

I am far way behind!

It has been 2 days, I left school for the badminton's tournament in SJKC sg Chua Kajang. I hope that I can play but it seemed like this year I wont be representing school for any play, coz of some bad mistake of mine as well as some injury here on my right hand, bruises!

I am now just the line judge. Its sometimes boring. Besides some line judges from other school are cheaters! Not me, ok? I am so honest. HeheheXD. Fine, today, I returned home at 5:30 pm, U can easily tell whether I am tired or vice versa. The school's badminton court is so big, there are 8 court s and today it is full equiped with people. I meant players and not to mention teachers.

So far, from what I have seen, my school's boys, are weak, so weak, all of them lost. There are several players from other schools like SMK Taman Kosas and SMK Cheras Perdana, they re good very good indeed. I was in awe when I watched them play. Only one girl below 15 and below 18 from my school succeed to another round. My mate, Chiam lost as well, not her luck. Chinese like I have been expected are powerful smashers, girls and boys just the same. I can feel my enviness there.

Now, there is one double team left tht HAVE TO WIN! they re my friends. Hope they will win, but I still have doubts. They re easily nervous. Ah....!!! Must win.

Ok thats all for now, bye2.....

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