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Monday, 11 February 2008

Last time with nina

I am so happy that I met nina just now. She hasnt go to Muar yet. She like always with her new cam, capturing photos of her friends. I was walking home with my mate Chiam, and all of a sudden she was a stone far away from me, yelling my name.

I have to see her though, coz today is the last day she is here, in Kajang. I will miss her a lot. We hugged and she also a bit mad coz I didnt attend her party yesterday, sorry I was sick. She was so cheerful, with her big smile, with her wacky attitude yet caught everyone's attention. Love her for that.

I brought her home, and give her the gift tht I bought for her recently. Hope she will like it, and I know I will miss her a lot. Her cheerful attitude always there at school.

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