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Sunday, 10 February 2008


ok, yesterday, I bumped into a ghost. I dont wanna talk abt it here, becuase it make me dizzy. Now, I suffer from a fever. Not a very good day for me huh? I dont even have the mood to go to Nina's birthday bash.

and one more thing, tomorrow school opens. Yucks! Dont like it a bit. I will have so many works, and I might not be in school on Tuesday and Wednesday, coz I have to go to somewhere undescrible. Something related to sports.

fine, have to go now, my nosy bro need to use the computer, he said I have been using it since morning. So fuck off bro! I ' kill u and give ur flesh to some ggenies.

1 comment:

Qubezo said...

Haha just chill la. Maybe it's not caused by anything you'd seen earlier. I'm scared now too T__T