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Sunday, 10 February 2008

Life of A solitary Lady

Gladly, today I had a chat with my senior Hamizah Johan, who is currently studying in MRSM somewhere in Pahang. I miss her so much, as she is the coolest senior I ever had in my entire life. She was also the best commander in the PBSM team. I hope I can be like her. Well, we exchanged phone numbers. She was at tesco while we were chatting, and it was just a coincidence when I too had to go to Tesco. At about 6 pm, I reached tesco, I only see her dad , and I didnt see her. Pretty dissapointed though.
Besides that, I also bumped into my freind Maryam. I dont know what had happened to her. She seemed to be broing to see me. Well, I thought her expression was in awe or something called excited? But it turned out to be not. As usual, she was looking for stationaries, and she also wanted to borrow my history notes. Well, since I am very helpful, so I let her lend mine.
Forget about Maryam. We are not like friends anymore, no topic to brag about, mostly like strangers. After buying some groceries, my sister and I looked for a gift for my friend husnina. I was clueless at the gift shop, because, I was not really sure what nina would like, so as a safe choice, I bought her a wallet/purse and it is naruto. I dont know, I hope she will like it. Plus, I dont even think, that I will be there for her party tomorrow, because, I dont feel like I am belong to the group.
In spite of that, I am also a bit sad because I could not watch High School Musical 2 tomorrow, because I have tuition class. I am so depressed now. I dont even know what could I do. I want to see it so much, because during the primiere airing, I didnt watch it as I dont have satellite television or astro.

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