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Saturday, 9 February 2008

tidying up my books!

Holidays like nowadays, mean tht we have to do something, tht bring good thing. As for me, I tidied up my books yesterday. My book rack has no empty place, so I had to put them on the floor, but I know tht its not good to put knowledges below ourselves, so I tidied them up, and arranged them on my table.

(this is before, i tidy them up, mess isnt it, i m such a bad organizer)

(history, chemistry, notepad, bio, civic textbooks!! ah cmmon, this is how a school student life is, pressure isnt it)

(wala! this is how I arranged them, so neat? rite? hahahXD. Well, I told ya tht I am a bad organizer)

ok, thts all I think. No more to jot down, waiting for extraordinary stories to tell ya guys about. Maybe later k?

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Anonymous said...

blaja sivik x pressure.