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Saturday, 9 February 2008


ok, I wanna go straight to the point today. Thank you to Aliya for giving me a souvenir from Bangkok, well I received it for the past two weeks. Its black, and it has a sentimental value, but the most great thing is LIKE IT!!! Thanks sis!
(a souvenir from Aliya Asyiqin)

Plus, I also received this bag pack from nice cousin Kak Dee, whom just giving birth to a wonderful baby boy. Well, she asked me for the gift, and I told her that I wanna a bag, as u see I love collecting baggies. So here it comes. Its purple and it has many love shapes on it, kinda girly, but nevermind, its still cool. Love it damn much.

(I dont have anywhere else to hang it, so I hang it on my door knob)

Last but not least, I also get this pearl necklace from Mekah, given by my ibu (not mother but antie whom I call her IBU). Since I am a grown up lady, she didnt give me the small necklace, instead she gave me this one, pearl! Love it, but still clueless on when to put it on. Sometimes, I acted up like some sort of datin and put it on. Cliche' isnt it?

(white pearl necklace given by ibu, and it was on my swimming attire duh>.<)

Ah no, I forget something, I also have this great red novel borrowed from my friend Christina, it is called Indie Girl. A story about an Indian girl living in America, where she has some identity crisis. She wants to be a fashion journalist so she seeks to "bodek" the editor of a magazine company. Nice, but too heavy la. I think I'll be finishing it next month coz this month I am terribly busy.

(great cover aint it? love it, the covergirl is awesome-ly gorgeous and unique)

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