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Friday, 8 February 2008

whats wrong??

fine, today, is Friday, third day of the CNY's holidays. Nothing much to do, I meant theres NOTHING to do. There are homeworks, and some of them have been done, meanwhile the rest will I finish them up tomorrow, perhaps?

My mom cooked chicken rice today, her recipe, and gladly, it turned out to be YUMMY! I ate twice though, can't help myself. I like always didnt helped her out to prepare lunch as I was distracted by good songs here in my computer.

My Mr X didnt showed up as expected. I am so dissapointed. :( Sad sad situation. His cute sis is here, I mean being online, but not talking much though. Life is hell boring! Guess that she wont give the pc to his bro, or maybe Mr X is not even at home, u know, boys have a lot better things to do rather than sitting in front of the pc and chat with some "girl" like me. Right?

Now, the day is becoming hotter and hotter. Where is the rain?? Ah, I will for it, when I pray for the Asar prayer. And one more thing to discuss here is tht I have just updated my blog with a new template, so cool, and peaceful rite?? I wanna change it next week, every week i will be changing the template and songs too.

I need to go to the mall, need to buy something for a friend, but my dad, ah, he doesnt wanna go out. I feel so frustrated now, wish I could drive. I wanna ask them to let me use the train or taxi but they wont let me, coz well, I am a girl dude, its dangerous. World is not a safe place to live in.

Besides, I sthink I have some problem with my mouth, need to brush my teeth, coz I dont feel comfy now, theres still chicken flavour here in my mouth, hate it like hell! And, plus, its been quite a while since I take pictures of myself (sorry) and also of my freinds, and family. I wanna do it later, maybe I will take some pictures of my buddies at nina's place on Sunday, where she will be holding a birthday bash. watever! (I envy those who organize birthday bash)

Thats all for now dude. Wish to say or write some more, but i am clueless now. sorry.

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