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Monday, 25 February 2008

She's back!

Apparently Now Nina, a friend of mine who got an offer to Science School in Muar had finally came home. She's back within 2 weeks staying in Muar due to some ragging problems by the seniors.

Well, I am a bit happy as she is here, at least the class is full of silly acts made by her. Tomorrow, I will be attending the Majlis Anugerah for Flying colours PMR candidates in Selangor state. I dont know what will I receive as a gift. Hope is is money.

Today, at school, there was a new ustad on duty. He is replacing ustazah now. I am so intense, because I am so comfy learning with ustazah. Ustaz made me uncomfortable because he is a man obviously. Besides, my higher community members in my class, arranged pour tables in a new position, which sorry to say I HATE IT. Its senget as in Bahasa Melayu. What the heck?

And well, this month as well as next month I wil be busy doing PBSM chores. I hate it a lot. Coz its a boring thing to do. All we as PBSM have to do is wait for someone to get injured so that we can start our mission, pathetic isnt it?

Last but not least,I learnt about the displacement-time graph for today in Physics. I have to admit that this topic is damn crazy-wacky. It ripped my brain off. I dont understand!!!POOR ME. I watched debate among some friends of mine i might say. They are pretty bad in deliberating their points. I was on azeem;s side for sure, just giving him support if he did needs it.

AH the time is envy for me. Nevermind, I better go, to study. or else I will look like a stupid granny. BYE!!@

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hubsville said...

hi!just dropping by..actually I'm having same problem like u'r frens before but its not because of ragging but homesicks problem.hahaha..neway,
Congratulations and Good Luck in u'r studies.