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Monday, 1 December 2008

NO!! I lost

This morning, as I woke up from a terrible nap after Subuh prayer, my dad quickly showed me an envelope. Thankfully, it was actually my year-end examination's result, that I can't wait to see for myself. And, as I tear the envelope, and took out the slip, I noticed that I have a bad news and one good news.

Which one do you wanna hear first?

~Ok, straight to the point, the good news is I got the first place. I screamed, Yay!! silently in my heart, I actually did beat those 19 other students in my class. Here, I realise how lucky I am, to be studying in this small school of Kajang Utama.

Firstly, it is because there is only one class of pure science stream, so this means I am the best in pure science class, just as easy as that, even though the truth is my results aren't that satisfying and something that can make people go "WOW! she's a genius!" so sad, I must say, NOT! And the second reason, is basically because, 75% already considered as an A1. Can u just imagine that? Lucky right? Even if I do get 75% in Add Math I will be considered as the "pretty smart" math geek. If my friends from boarding school knew about this, they might be looking down at me, and several of us either. Duh~~(then, why did i jot this thing around here anyway?)

~Now, let me tell u the bad news. Ok, the bad news is I didn't manage to get 9A's like what I've had hoped for. Hoping for big things to happen is a must not thing to do! Remember that kids!! So, I lost to Vignaa, my ex-best friend, he got 9A's whilst I got 8A and 3B. 7A1 1A2 and 3B4. Down here are my grades....(malu nak post kat malakat92)

BI A1--->91%(:D)
Math A1
History A1
Chemistry A1
Sains Pertanian A1
BIO B4---> (humiliation!)
PHYSICS B4---> (still grateful)
ADD MATH B4---> (No.1 humiliation :( )

*sigh* I've been so arrogant over BIO for a couple of months ago, and now I suffered the consequence. Anyhow, this result is nothing exactly, I don't even see any smiles from both of my parents nor hear them blaberring about this. So, I assumed I safe.

Plus, I learnt one thing from KYLE XY season 2 yesterday, which "TRUST", trust your family members and big gifts aren't always important for birthday presents, the most important thing is our loved ones come to celebrate it together.

---and I'm furious over my modem, can u believe that?---
-----I'm an internet addict, NO!!---


ARC said...

What The Fish???? 71% is already A?? grr u lucky fish hahah XD

no continuous evaluation, no assignments, no carry marks.. =.=

zida said...

terer gile!!!