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Wednesday, 23 December 2009

If we plan something, a list has to be made

Sleep. A word that I must be doing right now. Why am I still not in bed? Why am I still stuck on this chair, like nothing else to do, typing silently so that I won't be interrupting my dearest mak long whom is keenly sleeping in the living room? Why?

The thing I miss the most during late at night, is the chat hours with Azeem, even though he did not entertain me, even though he didn't utter a word, even though all he did was that silent mode I hated the most. But who is he, I am asking again. Apparently, he is now just a mere friend, I used to had, engraving slowly into the memory that will not last.

After SPM is over, I didn't quite get enough rest. Class party was a mess, well a bit. The, the looking for a job spree with my best buddy Mims at Midvalley for two days was exhausting and not to mention thinking of going to Kajang to bank in some money. My mind is full of blowing disgust. Blowing mishaps and troubles. Peace came temporary and I just wish peace is here once more. Because I need peace to write, peace to do my art pieces.

The manager at Dome, told me I looked presentable, and wondering why I couldn't work on Saturday and Sundays. I told him, that those weekends are the days my family and I would have some quality times together, and that it would be sad if I wasn't around. He understands, and gave me the office number, just in case I want to work at DOME for sure. At least, having some discussions with my family would be the first thing I need to do.

I also got the job at Robinson and Secret Recipe. But I really hope MPH could contact me soon enough and Metrojaya along the way. I didn't want to work at Robinson at first since it was far, and I don't think I suit it there. But, after underwent the interview, I started to change my mind. However, considering that how hard for me to reach there punctually at 9 am gives me a sense of fear. Could I be punctual?? I am afraid I can't.

Last time, I really urging for SPM to end, now I feel like really sad and exhausted. I really want to be independent, find my own money and earn experience, finding new acquaintances and having to breath in a new atmosphere, but then again, I feel weak deep inside. I feel a lost of confidence and lost of courage in a sudden. I just don't know why.

Mom and Dad will be home on Christmas Eve, and I can't wait to go to driving school, get my license and whoosh driving my dad's car. I just hope it will go well, since I am really bad at handling mechanical stuff and practical. Whatever it is, I know I am an underage, parents are my guardians and no way I can do all the things I wanted in my own way. So, better seek for their advice first right?

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Hafiz said...

Yep, it same goes with me, of what you've stated in your post. Better seek their advices first. And, although I know I'm underage, but will full of experiences I've got, I still hunting for part time job and internships. Now, I got a stable job maybe, work virtually, YEEHAW! So, good luck to you in your job hunting ;)