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Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Come to Me

I watched Supernatural. I don't really know which season it was but what matters is Supernatural is supercool:)


One are chatting online with your friends, lovers or anyone you might not really know in reality. Its getting late, and it's better to tuck in the bed. You wish goodbye to those people you are chatting with. You close the windows. you are about to turn the computer off, a window pops out. You were scared. You were sweating all over. Messages...line of messages were appearing on your screen

Come to me....

Come to me....

I want to meet you....

I want you to follow me...

and you typed back..

Who are you?

and you were answered

I am mom.

Your mom.

You didn't know what to do. Your mom is dead.
But who kept messaging that.

You typed again

NO! My mum is dead.

Don't try to prank me!

and you got an answer.

Wait. I am mom...
I can prove you....

Suddenly....your webcam was switched itself.

you see yourself on the screen, frighten. see your dead mom behind...
coming towards you..holding your shoulder....

You were really got up...your mom was not there... you looked towards the screen.....the same message appeared

Come to me
Come to me
Come to me...

P/S: can the dead...whether it be the souls or the ghosts contact those who are alive?

1 comment:

Megat Azfar said...

ni imaginasi ko ke dalam cite supernatural tuh?

seram sih!! hahaha..

p/s:seb baik aku takde webcam. nak tutup ym! hahaha