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Friday, 2 April 2010

FYI, I no longer need you by my side:p

Well, PNB did called me to show up, and yes, I made my way to the mighty building located in the Golden Triangle of Kuala Lumpur. Every applicants who are just as my age, wearing exclusively smart and formal and every each of them looked smashing. One of those students, is actually an acquittance  back then in  Form 1, he got 8A+ well yeah I must say he is a genius, luckily he moved out from my former school, and enabling me to shine. Hehehe.

The surprise was that, my ex- who is should not be name here, took the time to follow me all the way to Ampang Park. However, we did not go together, since I was late as usual, and he reached at KL Sentral earlier. So, nevermind about that, I did not go to meet him at KFC for breakfast since I was not in the mood, and just bother to reach PNB as soon as possible. Yeah, did I mention about getting in the wrong train? Well, I guess I was distracted by some problems in the head, and made me go all the way back to Bangsar then to Taman Paramount, in which, I was so dumb to not to ask anyone for correct direction until I stopped at Taman Paramount, and asked this elderly woman how to get to Ampang Park, and she went 

"Oh, first time taking the LRT?" 

*GULP, embarrassing:(*

To be frank, PNB didn't call for an interview. In the matter of fact, it was just a 3 segments test full of adrenaline rush (*as for me it was*) and I didn't think I did it smashingly, the time given was insufficient, and I just hope and pray, they can call me back for the interview, I really need it ok?! However, going to PNB was a chance of a lifetime for me, and it was a great experience even though I might not have encraved any of moments there. Nevertheless, I was happy to meet Akmal Farhan back, he changed in terms of social communication skills and more down to earth. I also met a wonderful guy from MRSM Jasin when I went to KLCC, and regret for not asking for his name (*I did, but I forget*) and his phone number. 

So, yeah, KLCC was the place after the intense test. Just to meet my ex. what a stupid and foolish thing I did. Well, to be frank, I didn't feel any sense of fun, excited when seeing him, it was plainly awful and boring. I couldn't understand any words he uttered out, I couldn't understand why he was willing to dress up formally just because I did so, and I couldn't understand his imagination and love for arts during our visit to the Petronas Art Gallery. Sorry, but I think I did fell in love (*puppy love*)  for the wrong guy. 

That was basically everything I did for this week. Looking ahead for any intriguing, exciting, and more bubblegums and gracefulness in tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

haiz.. =.=
life is boring eh? :)
but no worries, we're in the same page honey..