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Friday, 23 July 2010

Mid Semester break is over


I will be going back to UiTM on Sunday, even though I hate to return to normal daily boring routines of attending boring lectures and tutorials. However, I keep telling myself, I don't have other options to reconsider, I don't have another place where I can pursue my studies, so, yes people! UiTM is still the place for me for now.

Mom knew how I felt all this while. How frustrated I am of not being able to go to the place I would love to go, to pursue and to continue, and to finish up what have been planned. She tells me to be patient, she gave me this verse of the Surah Albaqarah, which states that:
'It could be the thing you love the most, be worst for you, and it might be the thing you despise be better for you, because all has been destined by ALLAH, these are all his secrets'

Yes. Everything has been stated in the Holy Quran. Coming back to basic, Allah is still the only-one who knows what best for HIS slaves. I just have to understand this and Redha. HE is with those who redha, and patient. 

Mid semester break is over, there is nothing fun going on this a week holiday. I canceled my plan with my best friend Mimi, because I don't feel like going out. I had made her disappointed. Sorry girl:( I had finished up my Physics assignment, and the marks are not like I wanted. Never mind, time to really work hard on that particular topic:) 

This 1 week holiday, was all about watching movies days and night. Yesterday, I lonely sit down in my room, watching a movie '17 Again', which I think a simple and rejoicing movie. I like Zac Efron so much, and often dream to have a guy friend like him. The storyline was full of message and it was wonderful, I will write the review of it later:) Then, I continue watching 'She's out of My League'. Thank God I am officially 18, because the movie is 18 rated. It is not suitable for those who cannot bear to watch forbidden scenes. And, it's not right for children. So kids, do not download this movie! I am warning you because you will only harm your decent and pure souls!

P/S: Yes! Finish downloading the High School Musical 3!! Bye2 dearest readers!

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