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Thursday, 11 November 2010

Balik Puncak Alam ?

Dah register. Alhamdulillah:D  

In a week time, Semester two will be starting off like how semester one did. Another 5 months, studying for this pre-degree level, in a hope, and for a big dream to have what we want for our degree. Sounded easy, but trust me it's not when you are dealing with so many smartypants and diligency every single time you are there.

Semester 2 will be different. In previous semester, we all were divided into tiny groups according to alphabets. I got into B1, and I was in a mass group B. I can tell you that my lecturers were awesome. But, sadly, I can't hope big for the same lecturers, even though I wanted so much for Dr Rozana for Chemistry and Prof Ahmad for Physics. Changes will occur, to provide varsity. It's for our own good said my tutor. And hope that will proven right.

Today, knowing that I won't be in the mass lecture group B as with the same other B' students kinda hurting a bit and frustrating. Two of my housemates were in the same mass group, and now we had to go for separate ways. I love them to be in the same group since it's easier to mingle along, to go together and to ask for notes and so forth. Now, looks like I am on my own, and can only rely to my buddies of the same B1 group as well as those who are in MARA colleges whom I contact through texting asking for helps. Sometimes I wonder why can't I do things on my own?

After that, I also knew that, there will be limitation per group. Meaning, only 30 people per group. So, the first to register, got the first served and first spot. Maybe, because, they want the students to exaggerately go and register to prevent any delays in the system whatso ever. 

Ah... what a life. I actually like being in all B group. We are already like a family even though, we haven't actually knew each other. What ever be, let it be. Pray hard for strength, and HIS generosity for grace this semester. I'll do my best for this semester.  Adiozz

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ARC™ said...

oh mass lecture group B. i thought it was B grade :D:D