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Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Learning to Drive with a Psycologist.

Driving lessons are what I am busy with nowadays. Starting from a scratch is something awful and pathetic. And it is becoming even more pathetic when the place is far from home, and new. I feel awkward. My new instructor is now a woman. Last time, two of my instructors were men. Encik Omar and Encik Doe. Well, I forgot what the one was called, so I consoled him Doe in here. Tehee:D

I complained a lot on my former instructors. They were nice and very friendly. But Encik Doe, was known for being a pervert among many students of the same former driving school. My aunt who owned a restaurant near here, asked me to be careful with Encik Doe. Well, I admit that sometimes he did asked weird questions like asking me why I like to wear baggy pants and such. Encik Omar was okay, and funny. But, I messed up with him, and ended up not taking the JPJ test earlier.Why didn't I sit for the test early is based on many reasons, time obstacles, failing my QTI test, and much much more. In other words, I am just a stubborn fella.

Now, with the new instructor, everything is completely different. I just realised that learning to drive with a woman is by far annoying than with the opposite sex. Because woman is just too emotional, and just talks too much. 3 hours of the lesson was not fulfilled with driving lessons, but it turned out to be a psychiatric sessions. This instructor, emphasised on so much of how to manage with the clutch, and she wanted me to drive really slow, like VERY SLOW. For me, if I need to slow down, I will just press on the brake pedal, but she used too much of the clutch. Her way is "TEKAN TAPI TAK TEKAN". Great, and now she hopes I can use all of her way to drive. 

She commented and criticised a lot on my way to turn the car whether it be to the left or to the right. She said I wasn't focused and bla bla, the list continues. I mean, as long as I turned it well so it means okay. But she wanted me to follow all her methods. Not everyone has the same way and method of driving la. Right? I was pissed off, So pissed off. 

One moment, after driving down the small hill at the track, she asked me to stop the car under the tree. Then for 2 hours, she talked about her life, about how I have been, about what she knows about me and the list goes on. She told me the story about her former students. She told me how we get those black spots in our heart. She told me about the evil whispers and so forth. I sat down and boringly listened. At the end of the session, she said I am full of rejection. And I am too confident of what I think.

 Haih...maybe there is some truth in what she was talking about, but seriously, as for drving, as long as I managed to get the car moves, and to get the car stopped, and to get the car turned, it should be fine no. I just need to pass the damn JPJ test, since to drive like a pro one can be improvised once we drive regularly. It's all about practice. But, this new instructor, wants to make me a safe driver. And looks like my wayyy to get the license is longer than I thought. What a luck! :(


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