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Monday, 8 November 2010

Thrifty is vital

To be frank, I should be thankful that I accepted UiTM at the first place. If not, I might have to work part time for extra pocket money, seriously. Even though, studying there is not something that would bring a big smile on my face, but because I am one of the many ants of people who are there as foundation students, are given with RM 1500 per semester. That's a lot of money for me although not for others.

I am a big spender. I admit, I hardly do anything that doesn't involve money. And sometimes, after buying things I regret. Thanks to my aunts who frequently add some more to my allowances whenever I went to see them. It's awesome as a University kiddo. Every time when we passed by the aunts' house, they would give us money, and the amount is better than the those time when I was a school kid. Hehehe.

So, to cut short, I have driving lessons for the 2nd time of my life. This time new driving school and hope it goes well. And, therefore, I also need to spend some more to get my P license. I already finished off RM 800 with the former driving lessons and now this. What's wrong with me already? Thanks God mom and dad went cool about this matter, never complaints of how slow poke I am with my driving capability. Hence, since I don't want to use any of my parents' money, I went to the bank, just a couple of minutes ago. I tried to withdraw RM 300 which is requested as the down payment/deposit. Two times of trial, and all failed. What the?! I was scared. Did I just spend things lustly? Where goes all the money? T.T

Then, after realising, there were other people behind waiting, I stopped trying. I went to purchase my RM 10 credit for the Celcom line. The casher is my acquaintance, known as Sis Hana. She's now the manager of 7 eleven Kajang Utama. >.<. She was with me when we both took driving license at the former school. Then, she asked, have you done with your test JPJ? And, I answered bluntly a NO. She went sarcastic by saying, then, what did you do the whole time? Lepak? ....Well, as far as I concern, that's what most of my days were like. Lepak and do nothing. Pathetic isn't it.

Now, I really regret of buying a RM 200 worth of External. I also regret of buying a new bag online, and knowing that the bag was not that pretty like I saw in the Internet. Plus, I am regretting to buy those clothes, at Times Square which are of bad quality. T,T I lost all the money because I didn't think. My worst problem is that I didn't think when I spend. What a bad habit eh?

So people! Listen. Take note. Be thrifty, when you are ain't rich but depends merely on some allowances given by the government. Money is not everything, but Everything needs money, seriously. And, one more thing, don't buy clothing via the Internet. They are fake. You will regret after purchasing. Thank you. 

>>>p/s: Balqis Isa has been so diligent by trying to find solace and working on the Semester 2 syllabus. Why can't I be like her?<<<

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