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Sunday, 7 November 2010

University and School is different.

Well, it feels like only yesterday when SPM ended. Now the new batch of 2010 will face the same challenge eh? Goodluck, two weeks more for them to conquer it all. But, SPM is super easy, I tell you. Hahaha.

1. No more lonely ranger.

Once you are in University, the phrase no longer works. No matter what you do, you always need to be in group. Discussion and etc, presentation and lab reports, everything relies on good teamwork. I had troubles, because I used to work alone in school. In college, I couldn't grab the teamwork concept. It was hard for me to do the laboratory works and reports when it came to co-operation with other people who we don't even know. So, make sure you don't think that when you did well alone at school, it would help you in higher institution. Coz' it's not.

2. Time to be open

Open in aspects of relationships. Don't mingle with just a particular group of people. Balanced both. Because this will help you to gain more informative output and expand your networking.  More you know people, the more easier for you to get fast information about upcoming mock tests whatsoever, advance notes and activities that are going to be held so that you can get extra points for your cocurricular column.

3. Learn to be hungry

In college, there will be so many people each meal time is on. So, if you cannot withstand hunger, bring light snacks like cookies or whatsoever to munch between lectures. If you have many cliques, you can ask them to save you space at the cafe' or at the canteen. Sometimes, be nice helps. So that they can help you buy your meal when you cannot do it on your own.

4. No more teacher's pet

Everyone is basically treated the same by lecturers and tutors. You have to take note to have all your lecturers' contact number and emails, so that you can arrange for later meet ups personally. Tutors are not so much helpful though. One hour tutorial for each subject per week is not enough for you to master certain topic, so meeting up personally with your lecturers could help you gain some extra attention from them, and extra tips too. 

5. Uncertainty IS NOW your enemy

Even if you were the top student at your school, you are no longer committing to that title while in college. More rivals will try to beat you and the only key to strive is to work hard and super duper hard and hard some more. Sometimes, work smart also doesn't work. Even if you got more Aces than someone elses, your pointer will be lower than them. Things won't be fair like in high school. Face all the possibilities lie ahead. Besides, sometimes they are many copycats, but they still make it out to beat you because their copy cat works turns better, and the lecturers never knew whether they actually plagiarised the works or vice versa. So, yeah, it's an unfair world at college. And it will make you mad!

6. Weekends are super boring, so make fun yourself!

There are some colleges which offer good activities during weekends, but some there aren't any. So, please bring anything that can please you. Television is not allowed of course, but having computers is a must, for you to be online watching movies and whatsoever. This is vital for those whom hometown is far away. And, also mind to be active, because if you're bored, you need to go for outing, and the 'journey' for outing is super tiring. 


to be continued. maybe. hahaha. Gambate for 2010 SPM-ers. I miss those moments of SPM though:( You will too later. Meanwhile, I will be enjoying another 2 weeks of holidays. Yahoo..!

Fahmi likes to arouse jealosy among those who are already in college. muahahahaha. thumbs up!

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