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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Not long before everything ends

I used to hate it like hell, but now I am so afraid for the final to appear. 5 more weeks approximately counted, to be more productive and to be more focus for what coming up next. The TEST 2 schedules have been posted at the campus, which starts on 24th February and ended on the 4th March. By 10th March 2011, my colleagues here at PALAM and I of course gonna burn sitting for 3 hours for each paper that we learnt. I am nervous!

5 coupons in hand, need another 3, to just fulfil the 8 compulsory that needed to be collected. My block will hold this event like sukaneka kinda thing on the 12th February and we are expecting 2 coupons from it. Many events held here nowadays, didn't restate anything about coupons provided or alike. Probably, because they are tired of promising and disappointing many of kids like me who always been cheated. Lol. 

Already at the last chapter of Biology, Reproduction. The slides downloaded contain 160 pages, which are damn too many. I hate slides to be exact. But still I need it for easiness and to just reduce the weight of my bag. Chemistry almost came to end of the chapters too. Math got one more to go. And, Physics still tones. I am now learning most on electricity. There are just soooo many formulae that needed to be memorized and understand how to apply them. 

Cut short, I would say I am in a non-comfortable zone. Works undone like always. Sleepy-headness could never getting rid off my body. I miss working out physically like playing badminton but seriously I am too lousy to spare my time for some physical activity. Trans fat has been residing in my body and tissues. I have basically been fatter and bigger, which is a nightmare. Level of confidence drop and all I am thinking off is to go home and curl into a caterpillar. Lol.

things have turned to chaos. and ship has wrecked.

>>p/s: 2011 is soooo adventurous and......sickening. Had a fight with my roommate, can't talk to her. We just don't have mutual vibes. <<<

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