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Tuesday, 25 January 2011


here where it began and ended
Wow. Lately, I lost my conciousness and my sane-ness like so many times. For the recent dinner, I called my dad to let me borrow the family's digital camera because I wanted to take a lot of photos with my friends here at Puncak Alam. However, I misused the advantage I've got. The camera went a bit insane that night, probably the setting wasn't right and causing most of the pictures taken to be absolutely rubbish. In the end, only several photos can be considered OKAY. Sometimes, I think using my Sony E phone's 3.2 MP camera is more worth it than the Olympus 12 MP camera. What a luck. T.T

Me looking fat than ever T.T

With Azyan Amani:)
the most popular lecturer: Prof Ahmad
time to eat. hmm. at the back Bruno Mars puncak alam performing. lol

with fitri nabilah:)

One Night Gala:) Simple and nice invitation pass:D
22012011 is history now, table 29, kinda front row la.

basically first reason of attending dinner was to get this coupon for the collection  now this added up to 5 coupons.T.T

RM30 was worth it.
friends and acquaintances. from left: badrulhisyam, fiqrisyafiq (both were the backcrew of the dinner), shikin, gorgeous sara salleh and our class representative, ElizaAmira.

end of dinner
buses gonna take the kids back to where they belong lol

well, it looked almost like this. haha

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