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Monday, 24 January 2011

Speed to SACC

"Abang firdaus tolong speed boleh tak?" my request to my cousin, on our way to SACC convention centre on Saturday the 22nd January. He drove my friends and I to the very place for a dinner that we CHOOSE to attend. He looked at me, and replied, "No hal la".

Mak Teh's family has been so nice for letting my friends and I to stay a night at their house. My cousins who have been very loving and generous, every and each of them offered to drive us to SACC that night. Thanks to Abang Pai a lot, for picking us up at Puncak Alam. He first thought I studied at Puncak Perdana so he went there looking for me, calling me 1 hour before he arrived, asking me whether I lived around an apartment of unknown name. I immediately told him that he was actually at the wrong place. Haha.

Arriving at Mak Teh's house, TWO nice cosy rooms specially prepared for us, five of us. But, because this is the first time we had a slumber party and living under one roof, we preferred sleeping in one room. Even one room was already good enough for us:) Plus, we had wonderful lunches too!

I admit that on our attempt to getting ready for that One Night Gala dinner, I felt soooo nervous from nowhere. Why would I feel such a thing even for a mere dinner? Lol. Maybe because I wasn't that confident of my appearance. Well, as a GIRL, I too wanna look good. I also feel that my dress for that night was too simple. Hehe. So, we had a hard time actually, because we NEED to arrive at SACC by 8.15 p.m, but Maghrib prayers started a little late this time, so we had to wait until it's time to pray before wearing our dress and put our scarves on.

At 7.45 p.m, I am still around Mak Teh's house, chaotically trying to put my shawl on. I am soooo bad at dressing up. I didn't even have the chance to put any make up yeah I looked pretty dull. But, hey, that's what we called as Natural Beauty. Lol.

Thanks to the max, to Abang Firdaus, who speed to the maxx and made us reached the ballroom on time. Upon arriving, we still had to wait for the other 5 members and I just feld inconfidence after encountering with tonnes of girls looking amazingly beautiful just like in Grammy Awards. Ah, damn why I got envy so easy?

Despite my unsatisfaction on how the way I looked, I still think it was a GOOD meaningful event. Technical problems excluded. I found that everyone looked happy and even though we are Science students, we are NOT NERDY at all, that's the good part. I simply like most of the performances especially by a girl named Dayana and her duet partner, Pawan. Lol. K-Pop dance was the best, and got a lot of response from the students.

Oh yeah, my favourite Physics Lecturer, Prof Ahmad, was nominated as the most popular male lecturer for our batch. Wow, he deserved it better than the others but I saw he blushed away. Hahaha. And, the most important part, we got a photo with him.

Prof Ahmad with the rest of us:)

>>>More to come after this after photos uploaded into the hard disk. Stay tuned!<<<

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