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Saturday, 22 January 2011

Saya tak bergaya

Well, at 7 pm today, the dinner for the Foundation in Science students will be held at SACC convention centre, just beside the old popular PKNS Shah Alam. It is a grand dinner to be told, and hopefully, yeah, it would be meaningful.

Almost 2 months before this course end. I need to study harder seriously. Flunked in two IMPORTANT papers recently, put me somewhere to a spot that I never thought I would be standing in. I have turned into just a mere lower than average person and I hate the feeling so bad. It's like I am not deserving a place with the rest of my colleagues.

Yesterday, classes ended early. I didn't go to Recipe of Woman program because my friends weren't that in the mood to go with me. T.T. So, I rushed upstairs and just having breads and nutella for lunch. Seriously, I need to trim down my weight. Been fatter and fatter these days. And being fat is not fun.

So, around 3 p.m, I went to my friend's room far away at R2, where there was a demo session of wearing shawl. Conducted by my class representative, Eliza Amira, whom has always been elegant and up-to date in fashion. The rest of us, including me are just merely clueless girls who wish we can dress up like she did. Haha.

dina trying hers.   

okay tak? lol

My sister looked different in these pictures of her taken recently:

shishin made over by cousin on Thursday

She looked matured and prettier than me. whatever lol

And, I actually love fashion. Seeing Gossip Girls, where beautiful garments and lavish dresses are made real always make me happy but I just don't have to gut to be updated. Lol. Many asked me to change style for real sake, but I don't really think I could.

I look sooooo round like ball if I were to put this on. Lol

>>>p/s: My friend, Azyan, her dress for the dinner is just mesmerizing. Well, I just notice that when we reach the stage of becoming a lady, there's a need to know how to dress well and look amazing. No more rugged style. But, I am just too innocent to play beautiful. haha. Jangan ketawa kalau saya tak bergaya at dinner esok. Saya cuba. <<<

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