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Friday, 21 January 2011

We off on Thaipusam

Not celebrating that Hinduism celebration whatsoever, but currently living in a fake Batu Caves where the stairs are higher than that of Batu Caves itself. So, there's cable cars at batu caves, when will we here, feel to have the same thing? Lol

Mom and dad were forced to visit me here. I told them that I need our digital camera for the Saturday dinner, but it was actually just an excuse. I miss them a lot, and I need to see their faces and just everything about them. I also miss my sister like damn lots because she's my sister...duh :)

But, in the morning, I went play-shopping and window shopping with 2 of my comrades and one lost boy who called in the morning asking whether he could come with us. So, 4 girls and 1 boy went together. Nothing intriguing happened, but just sorting things out for Calvin's endeavours for what to wear for the very dinner. I on the other hand, couldn't find any lipgloss. Out of sold. T.T

The best part of the day was to go to Andalas, seeing my mak teh who looks healthier, alhamdulillah. Khayra Amani will have a new baby sibling soon, and that adds the member to our family. That's mean a YAY! What a great news. Gonna be seeing that new born baby probably by September, told my cousin Kak Intan who is also Khayra lovely mother. 

Watched my cousin mimicking Stacy's Jahat dance and seeing a makeup demo by my cousin to my little sister. I didn't got the chance to have the make up on, because it was time for dinner, where we ate the most delicious chicken rice ever! And we also ate the chicken rice with roasted fish? Erk...

Above all, I am glad my parents came all the way and brought me to Klang. Seeing that little kiddo Khayra Amani was a joy and eating lavish foods is satisfying. And sitting and studying in my room with my boring roommate is a misery. Lol. 

>>p/s: why is my roommate soooo hardworking but sooooo silent? It's  like I live with a wall<<

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Calvin Charles said...

LOL!!!! Your roomate???? Ahahahhahaha... I understand... like dead!!!!