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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

February then March?

It's February now. Chinese New Year is around the corner and I am waiting for 11.30 am to strike the clock, for the week to end. Yes, asasian students are not having their CNY break yet. Only tomorrow will it starts but, some kids have already packed home and that is just so unfair!

Chinese New Year, is not a celebration that I will celebrate. But, I must say, the more nearer it comes, I tend to realize that I could no longer send a CNY message to ONE important person because she is no longer here, to appear in my life.

Sad as it may go, I know that, those who live must continue living. So, yesterday, class ended early around 3 Pm and thus, my friends and I went for this hang out movie chiling time at Shikin's room. We watched a horror movie, Thai movie that was, called Coming Soon. I am so lazy to write a review on it, but yeah, it was super damn terrifying to watch. Basically, the movie is about an actress who played as a ghost in a movie but she died tragically during the hanging scene. So, the spirit sought for revenge, thus killing everyone who watched that scene. It's freaky scary I tell ya. My friends screamed like nuts.Thanks for Azneeza for recommending:)

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