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Thursday, 3 February 2011

Semester 2 chapter 5

Basically, I have no good title for this post. Anyhow, I am relieved that the Internet connection in Egypt has been okay. Tonnes of Malaysian students there are now returning to Facebook updating their well-being status. Hopefully, Bahjah and Nur Izzah Syafiqah are doing fine over there. Our prayers are with them amin:)

An Egyptian soldier been kissed by his mom on his way to serve for the nation. Allahuakbar!

Right now, I am enduring the Chinese New Year holidays which is only a mere 4 days at home, where else in the whole life world could I have been staying? Home is nice, but seriously, I miss having my pet cat around. Lopek, my pet cat ran away late last year, maybe because she is already too old for we to take care off, so she went away with troop of other cats, perhaps migrating to a place where she can find more food and love. We tried to throw her away one day, putting her in the laundry basket, capping it with a cloth, but she managed to unwrapped the cloth and almost attacked us in the car. She has been a very cute and adorable, loving cat, giving us the chances to play with her bunches of beautiful kittens, but none of them last, so yeah, now no more cats around.

Holidays like always mean absolutely nothing rather than continuing my sleeping schedule and going back to track, finishing up my piles of homeworks, doing my laboratory report, going online and yeah, movie marathon. Weeks at college had been fine lately, despite the high momentum of Physics to catch up with. Prof Ahmad was right about not having fun with this year's Physics. Everything is a mess. I am sick of every single thing that is so hard because I am so slow to catch them up.

Laboratories will end by next week I am supposed, which will be a thrill because we can return to our rooms early. Class party will be held around next week too, a barbeque event is said to be done, at the Gazebo around my block, a sukaneka thingy will be organised by my hostel block, because the President is soooo fun. I am not going to play in any of the games because practically every house heads MUST be the committee. So, I would just rather handle the Teka Gaya game, and that's why I spent my whole evening playing teka gaya on Tuesday. 

Noticing that I only have 5 coupons scares me like crap. Most of my friends already finished collecting 8 because they are lucky enough. The dinner committees got full marks for the co-curriculum part because the they worked days and nights for it, despite the bad stories behind what happened after the event, until most lecturers were shocked seeing photos of several science students doing syisha thingy. 3 MORE TO GO! so I better be more productive these upcoming weeks. InsyaAllah two important events will I show myself up too. Hopefully, coupons are available. I am sooooo scared of everything already!

Friends in the same group, are now busy capturing photos as remembrances and memories. Uploading them in facebook and tagged me, is what I called the easiest part of the technological world. I am sick of taking photos with my phone and thanks to them, that I at least could have something to keep. Besides that, I have reestablished equilibrium with my roommate, and she started it first. That's a wow. And, yeah, I am not a good in coaxing sulking people, so if you knew me, don't sulk, because I won't coax you till you melt.

Frustration is still happening at college. One thing to complain about is the atm machine at the Raflessia Hall. It kept running out of bank slips and that burdens some of us that REALLY need the slips for further reference. On last Friday, I was about to pay for my electricity bill which cost me RM30. The bank at Raff went crazy for running out of slips. Others who were also wanna pay that damn bill, went to the boy's side, Angsana which is a little faraway from Rafflesia. I could sensed that the ATM there would be crowded, so I decided to descend to the campus. I took the road less taken here because by that time, I knew there will be less people at the ATM downstairs. So, yeah I WAS RIGHT AT LAST. Only me and my friend Sarah were there, so I thanked god because this time the slip was available. But the worst part of all was that, I climbed the dozens of baby steps to the top, and almost dessicate my throat and damaging my diaphragm. It was crappy tiring to go downstairs and climb upstairs in a short period. I quickly headed to Rafflesia and the office, gave the officer the damn slip and got the three crappy stickers for my electric appliances. What a crap tiring adventure for such a pathetic thing ever!

At 9 p.m, when my parents came to pick me up, they consoled me for being slimmer even though I knew they were lying. Families are the greatest liars of all time but they are the best listeners that one could ever has. Hahaha:)

>>>p/s: I would rather be pleased if you could say it clearly that you wanna SEE AND MEET ME. I don't eat people nor punch people. I am just shy. <<<


Aqies said...

what is syisha thingy?

Calvin Charles said...

LOL!! What kind family of yours......

Ikhwan Addin said...

aqies :: syisha ni abang kepada rokok~ =P

dayana :: erk, kat mana lecturer tgok pic budak isap syisha?

dayanaazhar:) said...

I supposed many didnt know about the hidden story lying beneath the night after asasi. Some students got caught doing shyisya, through their photos in some blog if I was not mistaken. but let's not widen the story ok. I have no idea of the further story, just knew the bit, from a friend. and better we keep our mouth shut.