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Saturday, 5 February 2011

What's with the heartbeat?

Two years ago, I was innocent and practically just a girl who didn't know much about anything, excepts for my friends, and families and books to add on. I was more like nerdy and geeky, (oh is that really a word).

Someone far away from where I lived, then became my pal. Barely knew him, but there were a lot of things we could share in common. He gave me something which most people would called it lame; exam papers of his and hoping I can give him mine. We basically exchanged exam papers, well that's what we call sharing knowledge if most of you here wouldn't know. I waited for days for the papers to reach my snailmail box and it came at last. 

Getting something so priceless from a stranger is weird. But, after all it was just pieces of papers, I mean so many papers. Along with the package, there was a note. A simple note asking if I could send back my papers to him, but I wrongly read it as send back all his papers to him. I was so stupid. 

I ended up not sending him my papers and I can tell that he was a little disappointed because our main attempt was to exchange our papers. Lol. After two years have passed, I found the papers again in my father's back portion of the car. It was covered with dust and I should be blamed for letting it there for two years.

On last Wednesday, I took the package of papers back. Weeping it out of dust and opened it again. See back those papers and how some mere papers meant so much for this weak heart. The note was there too, on it, was written the address of the sender but perhaps, it might not be the same address as two years ago. Seeing 'TO DAYANA AZHAR" From XX melted me. Hahaa. And the heartbeat of this weak heart was somehow pounding heart. It feels weird though. 

This heartbeat is like giving me thousands of weird thoughts over and over again. What do they mean anyway? Lol. 

>>>p/s: hate falling for nonsense things but missing the old him who cares.<<<