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Sunday, 6 February 2011

Black Swan

I heard that Black Swan rated among the box offices in the US. That's a deserving spot for such a brilliant movie. I think the director is a genius for portraying Natalie Portman as the Swan Queen. Natalie Portman has always been among my A-list actress from Hollywood despite her less appearances in many well-known movies. She was the Queen in Starwars, the pale, and weird looking persona can easily been done by her. Lol.

Black Swan revolved around ballerinas and their struggle and dreams to seize the stage. A renowned ballet play needed a new Swan Queen, so every young ballerinas had this high hope to been chosen by the director of the play itself. Natalie played Nina, who is a talented and hardworking ballerina, and had been dancing since the age of 6 if I was not mistaken. Natalie dreamed high for that role, so every time at home, she will be practising the moves from the old Black Swan play. I think her mother was forcing her too hard for that role. You can see her being pushed over by her mother as if she was still 12 years old. 

She was intensed most of the time

So one day, during the role selection thingy, the director went to these ballerinas studio, where he tapped some of the dancers but not the other rest. Natalie was not being tapped, so she was like feeling disappointed. But, actually only those who the director didn't tap got the chance for the role, but for the tapped ones, they have to practice harder. Well, it ended up that Natalie was not chosen to be Swan Queen. It was her colleague. She grew envy in her soul and weakly burst into tears and called her mother telling her that she didn't make it through. However, because she really wanna the role, so the next day, she dressed up nicely and went to the director's office. 

Putting a bright red lipstick, she went inside and told the director how much the role mean so much for her. The strict director told her, that, the decision was final. Natalie went crying again, and wanted to leave, accepting the fate that she didn't get the role. Suddenly, the director closed the door and asked her, why didn't she fight for the role? He kissed her abruptly and Natalie bitted his lips till it bleeds. Natalie went out, smacked the door closed and running towards the bathroom.

Soon after, while all the dancers were eager to know who's the Swan Queen, Natalie was feeling jittered. Her mood was down, but suddenly, her friends congratulated her for getting the role as Swan Queen. Well, it was from that moment that, she became excessively delusion by the role. She was called a whore by her colleagues and well, that's true because after all she got the role after kissing the director. Haha. She became crazy when the director forced the dark side in her to show off. But, since she was too weak to portray that part of hers, she was sexually abused by the director himself. She tried so hard to play both white and black swan till she went to the outrageous part of taking drugs, and doing bad things that she never had done before. 

The director chose one of her colleague to become her substitute in case something happened to her. She became jealous and could not accept that someone else could have doing her part in that show. On the day of the show, she tripped during her White swan part and everyone blamed her for being so careless. She cried after that part ended, and rushed to her preparation room whereby the substitute girl was there. But exactly, there was no one there. Basically she thought that someone was there, but there was no one but her. The illusion substitute girl was wearing her Black Swan costume and getting ready to replace Natalie because she claimed that Natalie was too weak for that role. Natalie became furious, she pushed her to the mirror till it broke and the girl bleeds heavily at the head. The girl was dead and it was not in Natalie's intention to do that. She quickly hid the girl inside the bathroom, changed into the Black Swan costume and rushing to the stage. 

amazing ballet performance lol

Well, the black swan ballet was the best part in that movie. We can the dark side of Natalie, whereby she was possessed by the black swan spirit or something. She became so seductive on stage, her eyes went red, and portraying the stronger swan. Everyone was amazed by her performance. And when the performance ended, she rushed to her room, seeing blood coming out from the bathroom. She tried to cover it with a towel, when suddenly someone knocked her door. She opened the door and guess who was outside?

The substitute girl was outside the door. She came by to congratulate Natalie for her wonderful stage performance. The girl told Natalie that she deserved the role more than anyone would. So, the thing is, who did she killed previously? Hhahaha. She cried and went perplexed. The mirror was broken, but who bleeds? The answer was herself. She stabbed herself with the piece of glasses. She was not aware of the pain because she was not herself when she was performing. She cried and cried. It was her last part of the night as White Swan. 

she was not herself.....

Gracefulness was seen on the stage. It was actually the last performance by Natalie. When it came to an end, everyone gave their applauses, but Natalie couldn't get up. She laid down weakly and everyone came to her. Seeing blood all over her abdomen was terrifying. It was a good performance, and it was her last. 

nice poster lol

>>>p/s: well Black Swan, did somehow relates me to how I was in the past. Surrounded by the feeling of insecure of not getting what I want, and being pushed so hard by others could be such a stress. Never let yourself be to engulf by desire and dream and passion. You might end up hurting yourself or even kill yourself. <<<

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