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Saturday, 12 February 2011

What you can do when you think you are unlucky.

If you think you are unlucky...

1.The place you live in is a mess? Think twice.

2. Your salary is low? Think again.

3. Your job is pathetic. See this!

4. Your friends and families isolated you.

5. Feeling like giving up? How's this?

6. Public transport and transportation sucks? Then see them...

7. Work too hard and have no rest and no life?

Enjoy life, how it is, and as it comes
There are always those who are worse
off than we are.
 There are many things
in your life that will catch your eye, But
only a few will catch your heart…pursue those…

This is a message for you and me, for US. Who never tend to sit down for a sec and reflecting the things that we have and what they don't have. We are indeed much more luckier than they are. Hence, don't whine and mutter for the smallest things because what we have now, like a roof to shelter us from shine and rain, like a family who cares, like a dining table full of food, like friends who we can have fun with and INTERNET for us to use, are giving us the contents more than what they would have. Do not forget our third brothers and sisters who suffer. Do not let modernization and consumerisms be the border between humans and engulf into our minds and souls.


faisal said...

nice one... makes me want to study more more n more, n to work hard even harder,,

dayanaazhar:) said...

good that this post motivated you. goodluck in every venture you are pursuing.:)