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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Quizzies,Tests and Miscellaneous

Weekends turns into weekdays right now. Absolutely, a no way for me to spend my weekends at home at least till the finale is over. Mom told me to just stay cool at Puncak Alam and study hard. I on the other hand, could just say yes, and nodd with everything she said.

My left ear is a sore again due to excessive earwax. I am basically halfly deaf. But whatever. On last Sunday, there was a family day held by my hostel block. I was supposed to be the comittee, but because I didn't show up at the last meeting two days before, my name was nowhere to be found in the list. Pathetic isn't it? Just because that one damn meeting. I was frustrated, because I can't make good vibes with the other girls here on the block. Networking isn't expanding and that's kinda sad. Who said, at UiTM you can gain friends easily? Well, maybe it is me, who at fault, but I did try but fail. T...T

Nontheless, my housemates won something, even though I didn't get any benefit from that. Congratulations to them. Em, college is boring. Same thing happening over and over. Tomorrow night, a class party is gonna be held somewhere around the block, but I don't care a damn thing about it anymore, because they are already so many people caring about it. Lol. All I care about is my coupon. 2 more! And perhaps tonight, I'll get another. I am attending UNIC concert tonight even though I am not actually a fan. I was peered influenced. Hehe.

Next week, on the 24th February, I will have to sit for Chemistry Test, or Physics if I was not mistaken. I am soooooo chill in a bone. I don't know whether I will do fine or otherwise because I am so afraid the same thing that happened during the first test to haunt me. This semester is a no comfortable zone, and no paradise for me. I feel living giving up already after so many things I encountered. Maybe I am just not gifted? On the same occassion, mathematica quizzy will be held next week too on the same day. I will be blasted off by the permutation questions and probability all those, which I never quite understand the concept. T...T. Do we need to know this as in to apply it in adulthood? I don't think so, but we always have to study things like crap, without having time to really understand them. And this is the nightmare of our education system, even though it has been ranked the 4th best education system in the world. Bangga la Datuk Najib kita, zzz.

28th February then 1st March then 3rd March, these are the dates for the test. I am scared as anyone would, but knowing my 4 flatters friends being scared too, tickled my funny bone. If they are scared, how much more should I be? Lol. Then, the syllabus will end by 6th March. After that, off for study week, before starting the battle for finale on the 10th March, AND ending asasi with USM MUNSYI TEST on the 19th March, and by that, farewell UiTM Puncak Alam. 

Yeah...I can't wait for everything to end, because I seriously need to go home. I admit I have homesick. So what? I also realise I have less friends here. Other than friends that I usually hang out with, none others would I should called friends. I am not good at making friends and be one. And on the sweetness of a day off from college like NOW, I have no friend to do good things together. Sedihnya. haha.

>>>p/s: maybe I am not gifted to victory in this mortal world, and maybe I am born just to be average<<<

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