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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Bertemu kembali

Cikgu Fazly was my caunselor back then when I was form 3 and form 4. He was doing some thesis or some project with his friends 4 years ago. My caunsellor at school, Cikgu Linda was his senior, so he came to our school and select some students for a motivational program. I was one of them, and that was the first time I met him actually, because I was in his group with several other friends. After so many years, losing contact with him, because I lost my phone that contains his number and had a new one, I finally met him again even though not in person.

To be frank, when my friends and I saw the advertisement telling us that there will be a motivational concert by UNIC, I was not even close to have been intrigued. I just have no intrigue feeling to join that musical and whatsoever, because I am not their fan and knowing any of their songs. Lol. But, on that Monday, at campus, on the way back to hostel, Dina and Azyan bought the ticket, which cost only RM5, and like always I was influenced. So, I too bought the ticket. I was destined to go.

The concert was held at the faraway DK500 hall of Puncak Alam campus, on the very day of the Maulidur Rasul. Even a few hours before the concert started, I already went lazy to attend and you know, the feeling of reluctant to getting ready for any event, because of so many other things to handle. But, like I tell you earlier, I WAS DESTINED TO GO. And so I did.

Waited for Dina and her housemates at the stairs, which was just in front of my block at 7.50 p.m, and luckily Dina came with a smile, because lately she has always been uncheerful. And that's apparently hurts me sometimes. Congratulations to the organisers of the concert, for making it a wonderful one. We reached there early and alhamdulillah, got the front seats, I mean REAL FRONT SEATS. Sat there still for half an hour, and the musical only started after that. Perhaps the members of the UNIC got lost because it's easy for people to get lost on their way to UiTM Puncak Alam. But they will be amazed once they saw our campus! **(Proud being one of thousands inhabitants in this gigantic beautiful campus)**

Began with a fresh introduction by confident emcees, through some singing and jokes, was fun. And, the members of the group were fun too! I mean, imagine, they are nasyeed groups and still can do good jokes without needing to touch sensitive issues. I would gave them 10/10 on their way of connecting to the audiences. Plus, I thanked GOD for destined me to sit at the front, to see Cikgu Fazly again and to hear the other two members sing harmoniously and melodiously on the stage, crystal clear. :))) I had a rejoice. I bet everyone in the hall had too. 

The nasyeed group is 9 years old now, had won a platinum award for their album and their songs are great. I regret for not noticing them earlier and knowing their songs, while elses in the hall knew most of their songs. T.T. The members of the group had decreased due to the fact that most of the old members could not give full commitments to the group, so now left with only three members, including Cikgu Fazly, Bazli and Fakhrul. Bazli is the longest member that last, and the other two can be considered new. Fakhrul is the newest member. He was actually the Grand Winner of Akademi AL Quran program, on TV9. His voice is mesmerizing. Once hearing him recite one suratul Quran that night, I almost cry. It was beautiful. 

Then, the musical continued with some activity. They called two guys to the stage, and they had to sing in front of everybody. Jokes was everywhere. We were not bored at all! That's the best part. They motivated the two guys to be confident in front of the crowd. One of them spotted to be the most confident, because he can sing well, and he won the battle. Lol. The other one, was shy probably. But, I congatulated both of them for being sporting that night. 

Only one thing, happened to be a dismay that night. The audiences were not sporting enough, to sing along the UNIC members when the asked us too. Well, I can be excluded since I didn't know any of their songs, and luckily, they set the lyrics on the screen for us to follow. The UNIC members, especially Cikgu Fazly was so funny, and he had always been, since I first knew him in 2007. Bazli was funny too, and Fakhrul is a bit of a shy but he can do jokes sometimes. Basically, all three were amazing performers and motivators. 

The concert ended with a slide show, of a story, regarding what happened during the day that our beloved Prophet passed away. It showed us how the friends of Prophet Muhammad feeling despair after knowing the news of Prophet's demise. Saidina Umar Al Khattab, didn't believe it first because he was so sad that his friend was gone forever. Bilal bin Rabah on the other hand, swore that he would never sing the azan after that because he was mourning for Prophet's death. Years after the Prophet's gone, the friends met again, and Bilal bin Rabah was asked to sing the azan. He was reluctant at first, but he accepted it after asked again. And when he sing the azan, and the Prophet's friends prayed, they cried and burst into tears, feeling how they once could pray with Prophet S.A.W, but not anymore. The slide show did touched our hearts and I almost bursts into tears. That's showed the true value of friendship. And, the members then sang a song entitled Sahabat Sejati. I bestowed, and thank God for letting me sense the worth of having true friends here at Puncak Alam:)

Merely around 11 pm, the concert came to the end. Everyone was sad, because it was such an enjoyable moment ever. Once out from the hall, a photography session was held with the UNIC members. Unfortunately, there was no chance at all for me and my friends, to capture at least one rememberance photo with the UNIC group members. I was feeling a bit frustrated for now having the opportunity to greet Cikgu Fazly and apologize for not attending his wedding, in Kelantan 3 years ago. Still have the invitation card at home :)

From left: Fazly, Bazli and Fakhrul, amazing motivators and singers.

Nonetheless, it was the first night ever, did I went down to campus besides going to lectures and tutorials. And it was a worthsome event that I ever encountered. It's such a lost for those who didn't go. RM5 was nothing compared to the fun that we had and if they do come again, I will be in the first row's spectator again! 

>>>p/s: Semoga cikgu Fazly berjaya di dunia dan diakhirat. He was a great teacher, a good listener, and a good motivator<<<

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