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Friday, 18 February 2011

Between Relevence and Dream Big

The farther I lead this life, the more I lost hope. Which is the most significant? Living because we wanna go high up for our big dreams, or just pursue relevances that would not necessarily makes ourselves feeling content? 

Life is short, live with your dream. Easier say than done. But what if we dream to be something, yet, NOT GIFTED to pursue the dream. Or in other words not destined? Now, which one is the true idea about life? 
Tell me?

Schools were a lot easier than todays. All you could have been thinking of is the fact that you could one day, if you study hard, excel well, and could easily go and lead to the life that you wanted. I was once like that. Been fooled by the fiction of study hard and could get what you wanted. But, mind if I remind you again, that everything was a lie. And teachers lie. So, conclusion; EVERYBODY LIES. Stick with it.

Mom got these bunches of friends, whom their sons and daughters are mostly graduated doctors, and certified of course. These ladies, told my mom how the basic life routines of their kids who are now medical doctors. Among the stories, she heard many of the rotten ones. Bad stories and dark stories, which she then passed them to me, to actually make me realize how bad on becoming one. To cut short, my confidence was been tearing apart. 

So, now where I am heading to? Either the decision of standing up for my words, for my dreams or either taking the other route which is safer but will I have no content for? If you were in my pyjamas, which would you choose?

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ARC™ said...

the further, lose, and much more...

something life has an unexpected turn for us. Me? Just go with the flow...