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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

its tomorrow, next week and the next one week

3 weeks la to go. hehehe. for the finale. I am like having premature contractions in the heart. Lol. Seriously, banyak gila stuff that needed to be stuffed inside the brain, but just pray for strength, and good memories. After all, not everything we learn in Asasi is gonna to be applied in the degree we're about to take. This is fact, told by many who had encountered the same thing.

Tomorrow Chemistry Test. On Monday, it gonna be Physics, Mathematics on following Tuesday and Biology on Thursday. Test II fnishes next week, insyaAllah. Have to struggle harder, because damn I flunked on the last time, and this give me a sign of fright. 

Saya dah mandi, segar-bugar, dan kelas ended early. How I love Wednesday. Sadly, today, there's no chance to watch movies with the comrades. Everyone is under stressful condition. Me too to add up. Planned to see lecturers to ask questions, but then again something came up. And the plans became just plainly plans. Now better not talking to the blog, and started revising chemistry. T.T

Anyhow, goodluck for all asasians fighters for tomorrow. Many of them here are awesome. And, Goodluck too for the finale a week after the test. Let's everyone wear batik on the last FINALE-exam day, shall we?

>>>p/s: enough coupon collected. and it's another week of lecture and tutorials. is this sad?<<<