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Thursday, 24 February 2011

Chemistry Test II 2011

Today marked another sign that asasi gonna end. Yahoo! I am bored seriously of studying. How am I gonna go for degree if I continue being lazy? But, maybe this happens because of many works to finish up and many formulas to be memorized.

Ended test 2 for chemistry 2 hours ago. To be frank, I won't comment on anything. I don't think the questions were hard, they were just merely tricky, which suited our level as foundation students. Miss Hikamah, the Chemistry tutor of mine, reminded us yesterday to get high marks for the paper, and that add more to the stress. Shoot!

Buffer is something that I need to concentrate more after this. In a sudden, I completely forgot, the formula to find for buffer pH, got mixed up with other formula, and I was clueless whether to put pKa at the right side or the left. T.T and this marked how pathetic I am in the topic, so better brushing it all up.

Now, it's time for 2 hours-sleepy physics lecture. I hate late afternoon classes, because I seriously couldn't fight against my pineal gland's tendency to secrete melatonin, in which defines, the over secretion of sleep enzymes. Lol. Physics is getting trickier and just sooo confusing. I need help =.=

>>>P/S: to go home or not to go this week. But I wanna go home so badly!¬<<<

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