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Friday, 25 February 2011


Just finished reading Ariffshah's post regarding an ungrateful parent, whom his kid, was sent to Moscow to pursue medicine. You can read it on your own here. And, please read it very carefully.

This pak cik, wrote a letter concerning that Russia is a mundur country and lacking the expertise to produce First Class doctors. I heard the same thing since early last year, and well, couldn't be surprised. This old guy, wrote how his kid in Russia, feeling miserable and lost the spirit to study, because of the negative publicities arousing over their studies over there. 

He also posted that, there's a hidden agenda behind the reason why Malaysia, especially MARA to send good students to pursue medicine at Russia. And, he was really worried regarding this matter, since he had signed up a RM 600 K contract with Mara to send his kid there. He doesn't want his kid to graduate as 2nd class doctors.

Then came, a reply from an anynomous called Pelajar Marah from Moscow too. The person replied, with an angry tone, that, the pak cik and his kid, should be grateful under any circumstances since they can be considered lucky enough to have been given the chance to do undergraduate studies overseas. Russia on the other hand, is not mundur at all! Well, Pelajar Marah replied by saying, how can Russia be considered as Mundur when it has the fastest Internet Connection in the world!? Even our beloved country which we often said as MAJU, always have problems regarding secure-smooth Internet line. Hahhaa. Think Twice. And the system of education at Russia is different, even for clinical training for the medical students are conducted differently compared to locally. And, even if the kid can write and speak a little in Russia, well, fret yes, that the knowledge is still below an edge over many different dialects of the language itself, and therefore do not be surprise if one has trouble to understand the courses taught. 

This is probably the tenth time did I hear bad things about studying medicine in Russia. But, why in fright? Don't you see that, once you are there, and got the chance to study, using the MARA MONEY, you should then be grateful enough? The post by the pak cik seriously giving me a sense of hatred towards some typical malaysian mindset over smallest matters. Every country you go, there's a different way of studying things and applying things, so why so worried? Many fresh doctors from Russia, couldn't perform well? Then they should have learn from those who are better once they are here. Everything needs to be learn. AND being a medical doctor, is one of the many careers that implies LIFELONG LEARNING. 

You see, for those who got the chance to study overseas, STOP MUTTERING. Some of us, in the country who mainly didn't get the chance to get the same opportunity, have to struggle real hard to get to medical schools. Everything needs to be learn, even though not everything we learn will be applied later in the undergraduate program. Places locally are limited, and there are so many competitors here and there to get the same thing, while those who are already some steps away from being a doctor, like those in Russia and overseas, should be thankful, and just think for a sec, what if you guys are in our shoes! 

I am tired listening to whining and muttering, and ungratefulness of the many luckier persons who thought they aren't lucky enough! Stop blaming the country for sending you guys to where you guys hate. Accept the fact and just adapt to it. Life need to be endured strongly and not pathetically blaming things around.


Hifzhan Arimi said...

like this,

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more with you, together with the long replies by PELAJAR MARAH. Those bad comments about countries like Russia and India are constantly bombarded by some local students who rejected PILN for not getting the countries they wanted.

They couldn't accept the fact that they were disappointed for not getting countries like Ireland, so to make them feel better, they bashed India and Russia like damn crazy.

Since they'd already got a place in IPTA, so comparing countries like India and Russia with local, at the same time boasting of how good local U's are for Medicine is something very common with these problematic students.

Yeah, local U's are equally good but why must they make such comparison in such manner.

Bashing India and Russia like crazy is one of the ways to make others think they've already made the right decision to rejected the offer.

No matter how hard life would be in those countries, life has to be continued. This is a sacrificial that everyone must learn, and not to doctors or future doctors merely. Wallhua'alam.

dayanaazhar:) said...

well oh thank you for noticing my post here. hehehe, terdesak kan lama tak dapat comment, lol.

anyhow, yeah naqib, I just couldn't see and understand why some luckier people kept muttering and wanna be the centre of attention, just because of simplest matter. They have to grow up and think rationally. They are basically just being there, to finish up the 6 years course, and with MONEY given, yet still they have to whine???? Seriously, the THEY need to go back to school and learn the meaning of grateful.

Of course, India and Russia always been bashed because of what people see from television and heard elsewhere. They have to see the bright sides. Comparing to locally, yes we have high standard when it comes to pursuing popular courses like medicine and to get to medic school almost like Impossible sometimes. And that happens to all malaysians who wanna that so bad.

Be grateful with your scholarship because you are luckier.

dayanaazhar:) said...

hifzan, kalau like tekan laa facebook like button:) hehehe