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Sunday, 27 February 2011

Spinocereberall Degeneration Disease

Who else here have watched the drama series narrated from a true story called 'One Litre of Tears'? I watched it first about two years ago, during highschool and had not finished watching because of school affairs, but now I did watched it again, and yes, it caused me to burst into even a few more litre of tears!

Cerita ni serious sedih. Who don't believe me, give it a shot. A story narrated from a true tale, regarding a girl who was diagnosed for having spinocerebral disease at the age of 15. And what is the disease about anyway? Well, it's involves the spinal cord and the cerebellum, which both are the important parts of the brain that control and coordinate movements of limbs and also organ functions. So, at these parts, locate the important brain cells, which we called neurons. 

Neurons like what I know, learning from Biology, are cells that transmit electrical signals, or impulses regarding responses for the brain to integrate and decides on further reflexes. But, as for this very disease, the cerebellum shrinks slowly, causing the neurons to be degenerated and thus die. This eventually, in a long run, leading to the disability for the victim, to have his or her body functions normally. T.T And the tragic part of this disease is that it is incurable. But, I guess by 2011, we already have the cure, which is the transplant of neuron's stem cells. Hhahaha. They perhaps, didn't know the usage of stem cells back then.

So, back to track, the story revolves around the life of Ikeuchi Aya, who is a bright 15 year-old girl. She's beautiful, pretty, smart, hardworking, pleasant, and always being optimistic. However, suddenly, she showed a sudden changes, whereby she always fell down, trip and couldn't hold things tight. And during her first date, when she and her date were about to cross over the road, she couldn't move and balanced her body, thus, falling straight right on the head. She bleeds. And whenever she fell, she couldn't hold her body and avoid falling by using her hands, so she cuts terribly. These were the signs of something wrong, and her mother brought her to the hospital, whereby a MRI was done, and the result showed positive Spinocerebral disease. Her mother cried of terrified. 

And at 15, it was the last time, that Aya, who was an active girl, could run here and there freely, and joined the basketball team. She was the shooter and the best player there is. Everyone cheered for her and that's was basically the last moment of her glorious day. Soon, her legs became harder to move and therefore she had hard time walking. She had to go for rehabilitation every day during summer and when she came back to school, she was not walking normally. Everyone glared at her strangely, but she was strong enough to blindfold her eyes over those glare and stood still carving a smile everytime she sees people. But later on, days after days, her body worsen. She couldn't write properly and fast as she could before. Hence, the teachers had too pace the syllabus down, just because of her. Her friends were late to classes everyday because they had to help her out and causing troubles for the whole class with their classes. She became a burden, but she never gives up!

PTA meeting was up one day. Parents bugging on the matter of Aya who became a burden in that classes. Everyone wishes for Aya to leave for disability school, but, Aya's okaasan (mother), told them how the school meant a lot for her daughter. Every day, Aya would come to school with a big smile because she knew she had a lot of friends to keep her company. The school bring about so many rejoice memories of her and her friends, and she didn't wanna leave it. But, many parents didn't care for all that, as they too wanna the best for their kids. The next day, the new class president, brought up the matter once again with the homeroom teacher. Aya who was outside, heard the class' conversation and cried. She knew she had became a burden, but she never knew that her friends too had hard time helping her.

Thus, she decided to leave that school and go for disability school. Her disease showed somehow an unexpected fast progression. She felt that it is harder to walk, and soon harder to talk. And, she continued living for another 5 years bedridden because of her disfunction body and died but leaving with numerous diaries. Diaries of what she felt and what she wanna tell people and the words were written by her, with so much effort. She was only left with the ability to write until she died at 25

Well, she did fell in love in this series, with her classmate. And this boy who first thought that becoming a doctor was stupid just because one is intelligent, ending up going for medical school to be one. Hahahaha. And the reason why he wanted to be a doctor was because, he hoped to find a cure for the disease which Aya had. Lol. Almost like A Walk To Remember. 

I learn that, life is precious. And it is more precious because we have family who cares and the healthy body to help us keep on living. Take good care of everything we have now and treasure each one of them, because life is unexpected. One day we might be the luckiest person we knew, but on the other day, we might lose everything that we used to have. Aya was tested because God knew she was strong enough. God knew she could be a person who could boost other people's spirit of living. During the time when she was 18, hearing her friends going for colleges, and mingling around happily, brought about some envy feeling in her. She wished she could learn more and attend life more. And, at the end of the diary, she wrote: 'Okasan, will I be able to get married?' And finished it up by the two words 'Thank You'. Her diaries were then published and sold over 18 million copies up until now, in Japan.

>>p/s: seriously, mengantuk jer kebelakangan ni....<<<

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