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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

And there's no food

Well, yesterday was BIO 096 the finale battle. Ceh battle la sangat. It was a dismay if I shall not pass it with flying colors and rainbow because everything that came out, was already being leaked by Madam Mazhani. It certainly feel bad because you are facing an examination whereby the questions are already leaked, and so everybody has already learn them, and I bet it was an easy BIO paper after all. 

Exam that starts late is not a fun thing. That's for sure. The exam started around 2.15 pm and by 1.30 pm, I am still on the hill at the hostel, doing the last errands to remember every facts that I know. Zuhur came at about 1.30 pm, so a quite rush with the solat, and using the block's staircases instead of the lift, because it gonna be late!

By the time reaching the hall's corridor, the tutor shouted, "Terhegeh, hegehnya! Nak ambik exam ke tak nak ni!" I was like, what the heck! Don't you know the hall is far, and I gotta do my solah first? So inconsiderable, that's a basic foolish sense in Malaysian's system. Why must start an exam, at the time, where by, it gonna be hard to juggle between solah time? It's not approapriate because, THIS IS MALAYSIA. And to add up, here is UiTM, whereby most of the students are Malay with Islam as our religion. Why can't they at least consider the exam to start earlier? Why why???

And by 5 when the exam ends, all asasians headed towards the hostel to get our rest and to eat and to do what we please before juggling for Physics Finale this Thursday. I who happened not to have eaten since morning, felt this enormous hunger and could even eat a GAJAH. Went to the everyday cafe, Raflessia, and guess what? There's no food! It was senseless. The vendors were senseless. Cook something! We pay, not that we eat for free. Sigh. Because of this weird sounds already screaming right down from my guts, I grabbed the kertas bungkus warna coklat, and took away some fried rice, added with fried egg and some sambal nasi lemak. T.T

All fried, and the hunger vanished for just two hours. What a luck.

>>>p/s: if you wanna study here, PLEASE dont forget to bring along a multipurpose cooker, like my friend Yana Melati...hmm<<<


yana aziz said...

hahahahaha.awatnya tak datang cakap nak pinjammm ;D

dayanaazhar:) said...

CEH takkanlah bila lapar jer nak pi R1 mintak pinjam. hahahah.