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Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Physics: Last Paper to Face

Kita orang ada buat Physics Clinik esok, MAI LER!!

-A kindly message from dear prof ahmad, received at 10 pm yesterday-

Well, to get down to the campus, when there's actually no classes to attend, will bring this laziness to just get up and go for this clinic. I know I need this. I know this is my only chance. But, why am I still stuck not to have getting ready for it? This is an exam hazardous sydrome. 

Looking at the past years Physics bring the paranoid me alive. What if that question came out? What if this question came out? Seriously takut. T.T because Physics is the only subject that when you see any of its questions, you will automatically become clueless. What formula to use? What method should I imply? These questions bombarded every single time. 

But, when you REALLY know how to SOLVE one question. You really can solve them right, without seeing the solution, YOU WILL FEEL GOOD and CONTENTED. The rejoice of knowing how to solve Physics is sometimes heavenly undescribeable. AHHH..

Contradically, when you really do not know how to solve one question or SIMPLY know it, but COULDN'T get it right, YOU WILL TURN LUNATIC. That's Physics. And right now, I just have to revise them until late night tonight. For tomorrow is the final battle.

>>>p/s: just forget the things you do not know, and dwell with the one you know!!!<<<

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