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Friday, 18 March 2011

tiada apa lagi

Physics came as expected. Easy yet tricky. Hmmm...just could rest everything to Allah. 3 hours seem just like 3 minutes, and BOOM asasi ended, with a frown on everybody's face. Perhaps we were tired, of not sleeping for three days to revise Physics. And, throw away all the books FOR GOD SAKE. Just have a good rest and fun before September comes. 

But, one thing I am having a sad feeling about is that, all my friends seem to be not in the mood. Just as Physics ended, I thought we were going for something fun to do, at least lunch together? Sadly, everyone walked on separate paths, and the day just flew like that. How boring.

So, perhaps, there are nothing much left I can do around the campus. Done with the cycling, done with the morning jog, with the Gym, eating at Pendeta, hanging out at the library and use the staircases, so what else? None. That's why, it's telling me that, I should go home. And Drashvihdahniya Puncak Alam Campus.

>>>p/s: wanna snap picture with this guy. but I am so shy. aigooo....<<<<


fawz@n said...

hey,come snap photo with me too lah.haha there's no photo of us together kan.padahal dah dua sem :p

faisal said...

perhaps someday u gonna met him again unexpectedly..time tu ambek gmbr byak2.. =)