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Sunday, 13 March 2011

Pembersihan Jiwa; One thing that I forgot

To succeed in something, not only hard works to be put into priority, but it also comes together and in a package of being kind, being humble, being TAWADUK, and being grateful enough. One day, I heard that Kesyukuran itu kadang-kala lebih tinggi makamnya daripada kesabaran. True enough, because patience has its limits. Once it peaks, there it goes into a despair and frustration. But, truely with pure gratefulness, with life, with what we have right now, will somehow or rather bring us with the comfort of the heart, comfort that won't bring us to the level of self-guilt and envy towards others' success. 

I lack in a clean heart, a pure heart. I easily being envied seeing other triumph better, I can adapt an easy feeling of hatred towards some people around me without knowing the reason and kept gossipping badly about them to myself. That's not a clean heart, and probably this is the problem that leads me to the position where I stand now. Therefore, don't be a person with such a sluggish heart, try change into a better person, having a cleaner heart.

Pray and pray non-stop, without boredom, without tire, is a must now. One day and I woke up, I should feel grateful that I've been given ONE more day to live, to have this physical, to have this health, to see the world, to see my parents, and brother and sister and the friends that I had. Why should I be worried, if I have Allah with me? But a sudden failure, bring back the 'dirty' heart which is full of riak and ungratefulness. What a shame of myself. Why must I cry after all this hardworks but it seems nothing paid off? Since, this is NOT THE END of the world yet, Allah is with me. All I have to work out for is seek for his forgiveness and his blessings. 

Mom and Dad are the best friends I have, consoling me with the advice to seek for Allah's help. Thanks to them, I finally realise that life is much more better if we become more grateful and more kind to the people around us. Things happened should make me a better person, insyaALLAH. And you too, dear readers, comfort yourselves with Allah's presence. HE hears you all the time, but have you and me, put the greatest effort to seek for HIS guidance in any possible ways?  A question that needed a clean heart to answer. And remember, only we ourselves could open the closed door to lead us to the perfect route. The rest leave to Allah.

>>>p/s: done with two Finale Papers. and two more to go. bravery and efforts are going to be flamed!<<<

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