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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Things I hate during exam week

Number one would be the intense seeing the roommate of mine being sooooooo diligent, without the intention to at least grab some peaceful moment to have a wonderful nap. It gives me a sense of rivalry and it's not good I tell ya.

Number two would be the worry that my roommate or housemates would come to my place, even in the toilet that is, to actually seek for my opinion about the past year questions that they are doing. Sometimes, if feels nice when I can help them, but on the second thought, shoot I haven't done that question yet! What if it comes out in the tomorrow's finale???! *Paranoid*

Number three, is the worry to eat. Because, I always feel to go to the toilet after eating. And, even going to the toilet for natural calls are defined as wasting time, because at least 5 minutes are wasted right???

Number four, is the hatred towards distractions like internet, tv and you say it! And, the more you are in tendency to study, the more distracted you would be. Like now, I must say.

Number five, is the problem on waking up after a good night sleep. Sure, waking early is always a noble thing to do. But, during exam week, my eyes are just as if they have been stapled to close and my soul are already in New York. I just couldn't wake up early in the morning, to study....That's a problem, isn't it?

Number six, is of course the hatred knowing that the exam is just in a few hours, and the moment when everything you have learn quickly dissappear without no reason. It's the nervousness that give such a bad feeling towards everything. Not to mention, the feeling of stomach ache, and nausea, and puking when you see something related to the things you learnt. 

Number seven is the feeling of unconfidence to dwell with the very exam because it means everything! It determines everything that the future life would bring you. But, no worry, God is always there with us!

Number eight, is the laziness you could not overcome, especially when you can actually go for help down the campus, but your body said no, and it feels troublesome, to walk down the stairs when there's exactly no class to attend.

Number nine, is when you see some kids at the cafe' doing revisions together, and you really hope and wish your friends would call you and do the same thing. Sometimes studying in a bunch help, but I don't know, I never did try. Well, for some, it could be a nuisance, but I am just clueless. Mom told me yesterday, "You should study in groups for now on. What are the things you don't know, that you have trouble with?" But I can't answer her. I don't know what I don't know, and I hate the feeling of Oh Yeah I know everything but the real fact is I actually do not know anything at all. T.T

Lastly is the number ten, when the assesment marks are already there to be checked and the marks aren't really satisfying. It gives a sense of wonder, a wonder why can't I do a little better for the marks to be much more higher? But, no worry, God is there to help me:)

>>>p/s: the reason for failing must be because of the lack of believing towards what Allah can give me, towards the fact that HE is the only entity that could bring me luck and otherwise and towards the fact that HE is the only one whom I can beg for sympathy and help during toughness and ease. <<<

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