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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Chinese Mindset

Have you ever heard that Chinese always had their eyes for money? They WOULD never end up for business that could make them lost? And, they always have good mindset? I couldn't agree more. Even in Malaysia, Chinese topped the market in HARVESTING their income to the highest degree. Most of the richest tycoon we have right now are ruled by these Chinese people and even shopping malls that we used to go to LEPAK and hotels that surrounded our capital city, most of them are owned by these great Chinese tycoons. They have some kind of principle in life that we can follow. Besides that, Prophet Muhammad s.a.w (selawat ke atas junjugan) once phrased: Tuntutlah ilmu sampai ke negeri China. Why do you think he mentioned about China?

Last night I couldn't sleep, so I grabbed the newest edition of my school's magazine. Like I expected, the magazine featured the list of names of 'successful' SPM 2009 candidates. It is fun to see my name among those great achievers. And, it brought the old memories again. Anyhow, what I wanna emphasize here is on my friend, the 2009's best SPM achiever of my school, advice on how to succeed. I somehow or rather feel that it can be put into good use. Who knows?

Liew Chee Tuck is the friend I am mentioning about. A great friend, a handsome friend, and a friendly accounting tutor. He is like my ONLY CHINESE friend I have right now, after Chiam demised. Listed below would be his advice to the juniors:

Ways to Deal with Time: -Dividing time to four categories

1. importance and immediate
2. importance and non-immediate
3. not important and immediate
4. not important and non-immediate.

Ways on Studies: Divided into 3 categories

1. Understanding: do notes and exercises
2. Calculation: do notes and memorize formulae
3. Language: knows the technique

One of his goal that will make him undoubtedly as a Chinese is to have a personal asset targeting at RM10 million. Now he is pursuing a foundation studies in Actuarial Science and will continue his degree after May 2011. 

I remember how he used to read a book that contains technique on good business managements, that have been adapted from ancient Chinese technique on wars. He did ask me to consider reading it, but I haven't up till now. I will definitely gonna get the book! 

And, I am grateful to have him as a friend while in school. He is a brilliant guy, and I owe him a lot for helping me in accounting. Miss him badly now. Lol.

>>>p/s: Chinese can be a very good friend. Sadly, I have only a few of them. Pity<<. 

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afiqcm said...

ur opinion about the chinese mindset is so true! :D