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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Loosen up

Alhamdulillah that we live well up till now. Earthquake strikes Japan again, masyaAllah. The country itself had lost so much and now again the mishap recurred. How can this be even sadder?

Yesterday, got this chat with a collegemate. I assumed he would make it to the pre-medicine course which will be starting this May after the final results are out. So, I was just asking, is it true the course is only for the ex-science students from UiTM. And, yeah, it is true. It gonna be a 5 weeks introduction course on medicine for the chosen asasian. I myself not quite sure whether I'll make it or the opposite. Pretty much have loosen the expectations and hopes. 

This friend made me realized that ALLAH Azza Wa Ja'la is AR RAHMAN and AR RAZAK. Every blessing in life given to His servants are decided upon HIM, himself. None others. Semua rezeki itu ditentukan oleh Allah yang Kuasa. Plus, there are ways how we should ask for the blessings and ways to start praying on what we really want in our lives. And, I might have lack on that particular effort. To pray with my highest degree of sincerity.

He added that, his friend who is doing medicine in UKM told him that not everybody who entered the faculty is graded a flat 4. And, even the success upon getting to medical school is rezeki from Allah to His servant. 

That's why after hearing that, I keep thinking about mistakes. Mistakes that I have made all these while. Allah is there for us. Perhaps it is the way we asked from him ain't proper. So loosen up, and make a correction while there's time.

>>p/s: a final year medic student whom I call doc, advised me how to lose weight. Dieting and 4 times a week exercise is importante. But, you know me, the laziest of all lazy bums. Try not to eat full-plated of white rice he told me. I was like OMY. I am a Malay who adore rice so much. But, this is for the future. I must grab the chance to live healthy. Lagipun, nak jadi doctor, first impression pun amat penting kan?<<<


faisal said...

=P hehe..
good luck for ur future undertaking & losing weight..

Calvin Charles said...

Yes. First impression is better. :) Eh, Dayana untuk UiTM Pre-Medicine only for those who are selected for UiTM MBBS programme is it? Which means others University Medicine faculty will be open on August? I mean bulan 8 baru inform is it? Yes, not all 4-flaters only can get into the medical field. Oh, Dayana I really intended to get into medical school. Saya pun berharap agar Allah can help me. I am lacking of faith. Is it USM, UNIMAS, UMS, UKM and UPM entry requirement is only 3.00 only with 2B's for Chemistry, Biology or Mathematics..... Sorry Dayana for asking a lot of things... Saya masih berminat untuk masuk bidang perubatan.. :) Semangatku berkobar-kobar. I still love medicine. :)