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Sunday, 27 March 2011

Life after asasi

Earth Hour 2011 wasn't my in-thing after all. Second year, of not participating, and am I that bad for not at least save up a little energy for the Planet Earth? Maybe but whatever.

The reason for not turning off the electricity for that particular event was because I had a feast to attend. And, the feast was a heaven of food, plus it was nice to see long-time-no-see nephews and nieces and beloved aunt who just got diagnosed for having gout this very night. Wah pity her, hope she's fine by now.

One problem when we encountered with big family reunions is the fact that when we got bashed by some cousins and aunts about our education. What are you pursuing now? Where are you studying now? What's your goal? And the list continues. Sometimes, it's okay to interfere with one's life, it proven that they love me and they care, however sometimes it turns out to be a little annoying.

Looks like not many knew what asasi and foundation studies is. When I told them, I just completed mine, they went a bit awkward. Asked me again upon my degree, what choice that I made. InsyaALLAH medicine is still in heart, I replied. One cousin, who already had a child at the age of 18, then bashed me about am I going to go to Russia? I replied a NO. Then, he recommended me Indonesia, Padjajaran, Medan and so on. Mom interrupted and told him that I am afraid of earthquakes and after that, he told me...why need to go overseas when you have a lot of prestige medical schools locally? He is right. And that's what I am aiming for. 

Hahaha. This cousin is one of many who like to play nice and friendly. He then asked me, what's the reason my aunt got her Gout after eaten the fried chicken liver that very night? Tak ke gelabah tanya pasal GOUT kat lepasan asasi macam saya? Well, probably after this, I have to be updated with diseases and their facts so that won't be shivered to answer such questions again, no? 

What a day. But, seriously this cousin, or Abang Saiful, was really nice:) Had fun debating with him about IB, since her daughter wanna do it so much. Well, goodluck for my niece in everything? (As if she care my wish of luck) T.T

>>p/s: have to watch my diet for the time being for watashiwa don't wanna have diabetes and GOT SICK<<<


Calvin Charles said...

Hahhaha... Ur ryte, watch our diet... LOL!! Yes, local medical school is better nia... Hehehe... pening fikir pasal mende camni...

faisal said...

takut earthquakes... nice one!!

dayanaazhar:) said...

we always eat what we want. but nnti dah tua nyesal kenapa masa muda tak jg.

@faisal: sebenarnya that's the reason which my mum made up. I didn't tell them anything lol