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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Soup for the Soul

Midvalley was crowded even on Wednesday. Planned a day out for a movie with some closest girls I know at UiTM two days earlier. Eisya Aiman suggested Wednesday because the price of the ticket is lower than any other days. Good job girl, You save my pocket money!

Wanna grabbed Syikin but she's far away at Pahang, Dina is just quiet as a mouse, heard no news from her lately. In the end, only Azyan, Jija and Eisya tagged along. So, the plan was to watch Big Momma; Like Father Like Son. Haven't watch movies ever since Christmas Holiday. 

Woke up for some reason. My mindset shut off to see the sun rise like I used before. Thankfully, my father was aware that I have a date with these girls, so I owe him big for not making it an off. Kalau tak, I will lose three more friends. T.T

Big Momma this time, is not really entertaining. Laughed out at the jokes here and there, but they don't clinch. Good comedies will always come out with scripts that make you laugh unstoppable and will carved in down to your soul. Sadly, Big Momma isn't the one included in the description I made above. Yes, go watch it, but SERIOUSLY, just wait for a couple of weeks so you can download it in HD. Then it would be worth it.

One important thing that I got today are two books: which I considered them as soups for the soul. Been away from reading for two weeks can really make someone dull. Well, at least it is for me. Bought two books which I was destined to buy just to reduce my quality spare time with my dear friend called Facebook. However, what I am trying to find is a book called What Your Teachers didn't Tell You by Farish Noor. Couldn't find it somehow or perhaps terlepas pandang? I just need to get back to the store soon, after knowing how it looks on cover art.

suke dengan MPH sebab banyak buku:) (poyo sikit)

heard this one inspires people, let see what'cha got!

gonna be BOOKWORMS after bored becoming FACEBOOKWORMS

nak tau apa ada dalam ni kena la beli ye dak?

Eh, besides getting myself two books, I am pleased to have my friends back. It was fun again to have lunch with the girls. Domino is certainly a better place for pizzas compared to the Hutted Pizza (Pizza Hut) despite having an uncook brownies for desert. Hehehe. Apa ni domino Midvalley, bakar Brownies pun tak reti ke?

I had happy today. Have YOU?

>>>P/S: My friend Jija put an ad on the Internet, and already got a job-call. Waa. I am so unlucky not to get as fast as she did. T.T ....BUT now looking forward for PC Fair, BookFair and Edu Fair. <<<


heliantuse said...

Alhamdulillah..though I haven't manage to leave FB for a day, at least reading has taken a portion of my time spent on it. To change a habit, find an alternative and do it little by little.

Calvin Charles said...