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Friday, 1 April 2011


Sorry, saya tak produktif. Almost everyday, my routine would be almost similar to any housewives you would know. Well except for changing diapers or breast feeding. I hate the fact that I am just another lazy person. But, I think I am just lazy. Everybody keep asking about working, about part times. I got fed up sometimes. 

Many ex-asasians have already started working. Doing some part times can make them at least gain not only some pocket money and save up but they can also save up for their wedding, plus gain experience. Experience is the only treasure that would differ one from another. It is priceless.

My advertisement online probably looked dull and makes it just a failure in attracting clients. Haven't got a call from any asking for my service. In the end, I came up with another plan, which is making TAPAI. A type of appetizer rice or ubi that we fermented with yeast. I know how to make it, so I plan up with a business to make some and take up orders for wedding and restaurants. hmm.

And, to think back, I also haven't gone shopping for clothes quite a while. Last was for hari raya. My clothes are old and some don't even fit because I am just getting fatter. But, to shop, I need cash and thus I need work. But before working, I need to get my P license. And to do that, I need to renew my Learner license, for the second time. 

>>p/s: April fool everybody, and guess what? I am playing april fool with myself. and to see why I know how to make tapai see this Tapai Project <<<


faisal said...

wowww.. pandai buat tapai.. dasat arr.. hebat!! xsangka org bandar pandai juge buat tapai yea..

Ikhwan Addin said...

meh blajaq kat mak aku wat tapai bagi sedap meh. hahahaha~ xD

LOL, bru renew 2 kali. lek ar. aku dlu renew 3 kali. hahahaha

dayanaazhar:) said...

doc: dah belajar kat school dulu. boleh la, sikit2

wanud: okay, bila hang ckp hang 3 kali renew, it soothes me a bit. hehee. mak hang pun ambil order gak???>