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Monday, 4 April 2011

Go for it

It has been a busy weekends running errands for my cousin's wedding. Spent an overnight in Klang for the event which take the whole-entire day. One word: TIRING. I don't even know how would I feel on my wedding day.

During the reception at Dewan Dato' Hamzah, my dad grabbed me who was sitting peacefully with mom at this one table. I had to leave my sister who was queuing for the food because my dad was really eager to show my mom and I to someone. I was like, "Ok...who will it be now".

I had no idea who the person was, but after a short introductory, I now know that she's my cousin's spouse. To make it more interesting, she is a medical doctor. Graduated from Ireland in 2001 if I am not mistaken and now at the age of 35, she works as a lecturer at Cyberjaya Medical School in internal medicine.  (*only a few metres from home*) 

It was rather awkward to chat about med school in such a hectic event, where sounds of annoying music was tuned aloud like almost I could break my eardrum. Dr. Maisara is her name. She was polite, beautiful and so much of the kind that would not make one bore talking with. She is a very friendly person and that eased me to speak more about the requirement and such for that particular school she is teaching at now.

The good news is, now I finally knew that Cyberjaya Med School is merely established to place 80% Bumiputeras and the rest to other races. I once thought it was another private medical school for the richies and would mostly occupy the bright Chinese and Indians. Well, roughly it is like that, but after hearing Bumi's are put into priority, it gives a sense of relief.

Basically, I didn't ask her much. Just told her how I am hoping for local universities. She advised me to pray for the best for now as the results for the semester has not been out yet. Just a couple of days for it though. And, it's scary. Then, Dr Maisara told me to go for what I wanna do in life. How I told her, that's it will be a such a drench and tough fight to actually compete with so many other superbs scorers for the same thing. Yeah, the usual thing I always blog out.

She then told me, that's the problem with Malaysia's system. Everything is being done so fast as lightning, and once you drop, you are out. In Ireland those who are in pre-medical program will repeat their program until they can make it to medical schools. If right here, once you are out, you are out. Besides that, she even told me how negative the minds of some Meleis regarding the passion to become doctors. Well, I couldn't agree with her more. I often hear words of negativities in UiTM. Almost every day. And, the negativities bring this enormous mishap to our enthusiasm and self-confidence. In the midst of the chat, her husband interfered and uttered, "Not all best scorers, make up good doctors". The three of us looked at each other and smile. At least that very night was blessed with full of rainbows and HOPES. Alhamdulillah.

Asked for Dr. Maisara's phone number and email and facebook account. She added, go for what you want. And again, I smiled.  InsyaAllah, I might. 

>>p/s: sometimes words of optimisms can change ones' whole spirit and would reborn the strength. Instead of saying, No why don't we use more of the three letter-word, YES!<<