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Monday, 11 April 2011


Alhamdulillah, praise to Allah Al Mighty for letting me breathe once more. Amat terharu dan sedih:) Today is the most historic date ever for the year 2011. Results for the final semester and the overall CGPA has been counted.   And, for the past two weeks, students or ex-asasian have been making countdowns for the day. Now finally arrived. 

Last night, I had some trouble closing my eyes. I am so freaking scared of what might happen. I am so stressed out and at the same time can't wait to see how my performance paid for the course I intended. 8 months approximately and today the results are out. It's amazing how we grew up that fast, right?

Got my first message from Dina, a friend, asking my result. I replied, I haven't go online to check mine even though it was already 10 a.m. I just do not want my smelly morning body and mind to witness the results, so I went to shower. Then, went down, watching Ewah-ewah, a funny game show for some laugh and got some breakfast and finish the housechores and do some driving. Back home, already 1 pm, but still reluctant to see the results. I don't know why was I so coward.

Climbed upstairs to my room. A message received from Azyan Amani. Like always, a message asking about results. I quickly got online and checked my email. And it was there, the results was there in my mail box. Clicked on it, and alhamdulillah. Praised to Allah Almighty Lord for helping me gone through this. I am shocking to see my results, despite all the bad days of flunking at certain papers during test one and test two. 

Three of my comrades including Azyan and Dina merely share the same pointers. That's why we are called comrades, I guess. Congratulation to Azneeza who still on the lead. She's so bright. I don't know how did my class representative and a friend named Syikin did. Hope they triumph too. 

To Fawzan, I heard it somewhere that he got a 4.00. Maybe it is true, and I bet it is true. Congratulations, doc-to-be. 

>>>p.s: not gonna post my results in the blog. I'll tell to those whom I feel like telling, and whom contact me politely. Ececeh<<<

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