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Tuesday, 12 April 2011


It's weird to see how childish most of the blogs I followed. Well, practically, what I am following are merely blogs that attract hundreds of viewers but the content of the blogs, aren't that AMAZING to be read or to be view. Entahlah. People some sort blogging nonsense.

Hanis Zalikha is one of the blogger I love. She is humble at writing and posting and what not to mention her look is undeniable giving one a jaw dropped. Her posts are amazing and simple and smart. I just like it thousands lots. And recently, there's University Blogger Malaysia UBM. Macam-macam ada association for bloggers. But mostly for blogger tegar which is not me. 

Simply like ad-free blogs like Blogdiloz. Only good quality photos and little writing in his daily posts will be given to the followers, at the same time it's cool reading and seeing something like that. Unlike some blogs with glitters and here-and-there ad stickers. They looked so...emmm bothering.

Some of the bloggers I know in real life on the other hand, has not been funny, but merely being serious. I mean they talked about the place they are studying at, the daily hectic lives they running into and using bombastic English words that I am dumbed about. Sometimes, I wonder...why so serious? Haha.

But, blogging can be really melekakan. Or in other words, wasting time. Some people attract people posting about artists and what not the scandalious lives of our politicians and celebs. I did read them but, seriously I think it's sinful to do that. 

This is perhaps what we called the freedom of thoughts. Despite the freedom, beware of what you might be posting, it can lead you troubles too. I experienced once. Emmm..

>>>p/s: oh friends, please try to loosen up a bit. I miss the way we used to chill happily and out from the serious world. I miss kidding around<<<


Ikhwan Addin said...

ya la2. aku sedar blog aku x best~ TT.TT

dayanaazhar:) said...

emmm taklaa...aku tak habaq pun blog sapa2 tak best. cuma kebanyakkan blog post nonsense.

faisal said...

sape tu hanis zalikha? artis ke? nak berkenalan bley? hehehe

dayanaazhar:) said...

celebrity weh. hahaha. kenal la. add je kat fb