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Wednesday, 13 April 2011


A lot of things make me craved a BIG SMILE yesterday. Entahlah, maybe I was the one who thinks this is a big deal, but when our long time friends suddenly showed an interest of what we are doing and how we are doing. So yeah, it feels like singing Kissing In The Rain....because kissing in the rain is fun right? Feeling the wetness of raindrops and then kissing? Okay, I am not pervert.

Happy Belated 19 birthday to a very good buddy, Nurul Huda Abd Razak. She is one in a million friend even if I die and reborn. She is totally a great companion, caring and fun. Been studying under one roof since standard 5 up to form 5. 7 YEARS! And it feels great even though, I might have neglected her somehow. She is a friend in need and a friend indeed. Recalling how she messaged me one night, after Chiam died, informing me about how I can rely on her if I need somebody, if I feel lonely. "I will be at your back, dayana" and I cried thinking how lucky am I to have such a companion. Thank you, Huda.

aina and huda. they are sooo funny

That's why after hearing a melodious yet harmonious tune from Yiruma, Kissing In The Rain, it makes me feel how I need her the most. Besides that, another friend yesterday, Fahmi, asked me how did I perform in my recent final semester. Thank you again for caring. And to Naqib for being so nice and kind to text saying sorry. Although I did feel awkward knowing how his friends, mostly 4 flatters at college, but yeah, why I should feel bad about it right? It happened and I will just be happy of what I have right now. Thanks Naqib for care for my feelings. Hehehe.

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Shairazi Saidin said...

Pray you for a long last friendship!

Never say Bieber...