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Friday, 15 April 2011

Alert Zone

I am now on twitter. I will be just like the blue-twitter bird that twits my daily thoughts and routine, without having to be scared if it might hurt anybody. Besides, twittering is not facebook-ing. Not everybody has twitter. But twitter isn't that fun unless you are popular. 

Been a month already since I started my long-easy-breezy break. It has been boring without anything exactly fun to deal with. I miss dealing with Eliza's weird yet tacky acts and Dina's moody but funny antics. I miss talking to Azyan about latest artists and being neutral with Jija and Shikin. The missing them :( 

My housemates....I still have no idea how they perform for the semester. I don't even know what they got for first semester. And, they have no intention to ask mine, and thus it just been plainly awkward if I asked them theirs. Miss Huda Tajuddin and Ema, Hajira and Adibah, plus Ira. I am so bad to not been missing my own roommate, maybe because I lack memories with her, I guess.

It is now for alert zone. Alert with the current buzz on the dates to update Phase 2 for university application and alert with the latest information about just anything so that nothing is missed out. Facebook is a must-site to visit each day, to be aware of latest news on the critical courses. Dr Rozana had been placing updates on the pre-medicine program that those who intend to do medicine at UiTM must attend. She posted on asasi page that those qualified must call her to apply for that particular thing by tomorrow at 12 noon. I am lucky that Azneeza brought this matter up and making me go to the page and actually noticed the status by madam. The day after I knew about the news, I called her and yes, my name is on the list. But, this does not necessarily mean I am in yet. What to do now is to pray and pray non-stop for HIS blessings and luck. InsyaAllah, with HIS permission, I will be going.

UPU Important Dates

Alert zone, it's time to prepare for degree. And I need my driving license for mobility. Dah lebam dah cuti, and can't wait for SABAH TRIP. hehehe:)

>>>p/s: my mouth can be quite a laser and hurtful. sorry if I did hurt anybody without noticing. I am full of flaw, forgive me<<<

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