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Sunday, 17 April 2011

Between Choices, Choose and Life

Life is short to do the wrong job, life is too short to choose a wrong person to be your soul mate and life is always short to do every choices that we have. Generally, life is all about choices and life. Choose the right one? How do you know what you chose is the right one? Is there any signal that shows? 

tossing a coin is an option ....only an option

For Muslims, it is better to BELIEVE that even when one choice seems bad, it doesn't mean that choice is BAD on Allah's side and even when the other choice seems great, doesn't mean it's the BEST for us. Destiny is vital to believe in, but choose yours. Humans make mistake in their lives and mistakes are GIFT to test on perseverance to seek for HIS guides and GIFT to reborn to the better. I have been using the word REBORN a couple of times, and it doesn't mean we turned the time to the past, and return to being born again, rather, it simply means transform into someone much more worth to live.

Life is short. Live well.

I post this for those who are in the search to go to Universities or to plan for their future in upgrading themselves. I am not a great achiever so don't think that my life is great either. For SPM leavers, there are a lot of choices out there. Some have been lucky to be called upon interviews, for the good results they had in hand they might have a 50-50 chance to go abroad. While they are also those who haven't scored quite well but there's no fret about that. I certainly think SPM is a platform to choose your career path but not all who can attain places at college will turn out to be successful. Never quit learning. Never stop having the intention to learn and obtain knowledge and skills. 

certainly had great time at both foundations

My story- the summary

Finishing SPM at the latest date among many of my friends because of the many subjects I took. Determined to do medicine at my own cost, I went for a pre-med course cum foundation studies at a private college. I was utterly shocked to know how AMAZINGLY bright the Chinese at that place and some of the Indians too. I was happy there, since we study because of one reason; to FLY. I was also having fun to study ruskee with some of the greatest colleagues and friends. Around May, I was 'forced' at heart to start foundation again at Universiti Puncak Alam. 

Well as you can see, for the past almost a year, I have been posting ramblings and whining and MUTTERING, all sorts of them to talk badly about dear UiTM Puncak Alam. Now, I finished it smoothly. I rarely truant classes, except for some of math classes, during first semester then I repented because of the bad results for semester one's. I am not a star either at that place even though I have quite this feeling of cocky to pass it with RAINBOWS since I have learnt most of what they taught me during first semester. Guess, I was just TOO COCKY and that fired me back when I just managed to score moderately. Frust gila masa tu! During semester two, my learning route was not smooth. I endured a great failure in tests and almost gone lunatic. I cried because of despair and pain, almost giving up, but luckily my comrades were always on my side. Non-stop they have been my courage and my family. They had taught me to value the meaning of patience which I lack at. They taught me that Allah is always there for me. From that events, I learn and understand why Allah S.W.T put me there at the first place. It is the best place for me to know myself.

Going abroad at such a immature age, could be the worst decision for me. Listening to THREE medical students at Russia on how they sustain their lives, how they went through their lives as hectic medical students and how is the condition they are in now as well as some advice they poured me with about the bad decision to go there for medical degree, had somehow brighten my eyes and mind about the decision to go there at first. Hehehe:D But for my acquaintances who are studying at Russia, no offence for you guys. You guys have been enduring the greatest moments in your lives. This is about me after all.

Besides that, now that I have completed asasi and just another couple of months before going for my degree, there have been a lot to be thinking of. My dilemma is what to go for after this, whether it be dentistry or medicine. Medicine is my first choice and have always been my only choice, even the ENTIRE family knew about this. They have been supportive up till now, but then my heart changes a bit to love dentistry. Because as days passed, I am also thinking about 10 years from now. Being a dentist is tough at first and even tougher than studying for a medical degree. However, I am sure that by 10 years, a dentist can secure a very good financial status and this can be beneficial to women, who will start off a family and having kids. You know this is out of border but at 19 everyone should have think about this because LIFE IS SHORT.

Been planning a back up for my degree for the past one week. A back up plan for private Universitas. To be frank, I have bad intuition for private colleges. You know, that private colleges are quite expensive and therefore I have this weird feeling to apply for them. Deep in heart, I really wish for local universitas where I am sure to get JPA to sponsor, in that way, I could have less worries in my head. Right? I hate thinking of money while studying. It jeopardizes the spirit. 

I quit my intention to go to Cyberjaya Med School after it bad sides had been upfront recently even though it can be the BEST private institution to go for its location. MAHSA is also at the very edge considering that it has not produce any medical graduates yet, so I barely knew the quality. Right now, I already intend to apply for UniKL because it is under MARA and it alone. I don't know about Allianze Medical College. Emm, I am so in dilemma. But, the important part is pray. Allah alone can help me.

For kids out there or juniors, choose the right one and the best you can go for. I have another story; a friend name Ben chatted with me recently. He once got one offer to study at UTP under Petronas financial support, which means he will be able to work under Petronas as soon as he completes his studies. He got an offer to go for mechanical engineering which he then rejected. I asked him why since not many can surpass the Petronas application. He told me that his Physics is not very good, thus it would gives him a drench to do that course. Now, he has no regrets and he plans to go for medicine too. In conclusion, do what the best you can do. Don't do something just because you wanted it, but because you know that you can do it. The rest leaves  to Allah. 

>>>p/s: I have problems blogging. It has not been as smooth as before. Perhaps, I have suddenly have nothing to tell>>>


faisal said...

LIFE IS SHORT---> u should get married.. =P

Sarah Mohd Ritha said...

sangat2 setuju dengan kata2 ben tu. =D